As imperative sentences have a command (or an order), a request, an advice or a suggestion, to change them into Indirect Speech, some specific verbs (i.e. Hamane Chetna Ben se anuroadh kiyaa ki apanee bimaaree ke baare meiN apane parivaar ke sadasyoN ko jaroor bataaye. Now look at the solution how to change an imperative sentence from direct into indirect speech. Those which start with an auxiliary verb and those which start with a question word such as what, why, when, where, how etc. Harshad Bhai said to me, "Do have a cup of tea please". "@context": "",

Doctor said to a patient, "Change your life style and eating habits".

2 . She requested that the poor lady be helped. The policemen said,"Do not walk here alone".

"publisher": { From the above example, broadly it comes to knowledge that for changing Direct Speech to Indirect Speech, we are to (i) Use a word to join both the parts like 'that' is used here; (ii) Remove Inverted Commas; (iii) Change the Pronoun; and (iv) Change the tense of Reported Speech. Difference Between Direct and Indirect Questions. We talked about direct and indirect of past progressive tense, in the lesson below I am going to elaborate direct and indirect of past perfect tense.You will learn how to convey a message of someone from past perfect tense. Teacher advised students not to take that exam lightly. "@type": "WebPage", Follow other rules of direct and indirect speech. One is Direct Speech and Second one is Indirect Speech.

Usane apane padosee se kahaa, "Kripayaa mere beTe kaa dhyaan rakhiye, rakhenge naa? Alex warned from talking with him anymore.

Example: “The ship is sinking,” said the captain. Direct: I said to him, ‘Were you present at the meeting yesterday?’ 1. Labels: CAT MAT MBA ---- English grammar lessons - Narration-Change of Interrogative sentences from Direct speech to Indirect speech--Methods in simple way with examples. She requested Monu to give her a glass of water. Direct Speech is the exact words spoken by someone. My neighbour forbade me not to park my car in from of his house. ""

Affirmative, negative, interrogative and negative interrogative sentences along with examples. Note that of is used after enquired and demanded only when the reporting verb has an object.

Direct: The mother said to the daughter, ‘Do you know where John is?’ Direct: She said to him, ‘Am I to wait for you till eternity?’ Teacher forbade from talking during the class. The teacher ordered Raj to stand up on the bench. Usane Monu se anuroadh kiyaa ki use ek glass paanee de. Your web browser must have JavaScript enabled in order for this 1. "@type": "Article", Indirect: She asked me if I was unwell. Captain ne aadesh diyaa ki usakaa anusaraN karo. In Imperative sentences, Comma (,) and Inverted Commas ("...") are removed and word 'To' is used to join both the parts. Note that the auxiliary verbs should, could, would, ought to and might do not change in the indirect speech. Usane apane mitra ko salaah dee ki jhooTh mat boleN . Harshad Bhai ne mujhase anuroadh kiyaa ki ek cup chaay jaroor looN. The gardener warned children not to pluck the flowers again.

{ He said, “Shut down the shop quickly”. "mainEntityOfPage": { Hamane Chetna Ben se kahaa, "Apanee bimaaree ke baare meiN apane parivaar ke sadasyoN ko jaroor bataao. Poonam ne Neha se kahaa, "Ek glass doodh lijiye. There are two main kinds of interrogative sentences. Usane mujhase kahaa ki pankhaa band kar doooN. © 2020 - All rights Reserved.

Usane apane mitra se kahaa, "JhooTh mat bolo. "@type": "Organization", The policemen suggested not to walk alone there.

She said to me, "Please call me before you come", She requested me to call her before I come. Neelam ne apane boss se gujaarish kee ki use teen din kaa avkaash pradaan kareN.

}, Doctor said to him, “Avoid eating fast food”

In negative sentences, 'Do Not' is removed and 'Not To' is used in making Indirect Speech of Imperative Sentences. She said to waiter, "bring me menu quickly". Seema warned her husband not to tell a lie. The reporting verb queried is somewhat investigative. Adhyaapak ne Raj ko aadesh diyaa ki Bench par khaDaa ho jaaye. He ordered his watchman not to stand there doing nothing. He said to servant, "Clean my room first". ", She said to her friend, "Do not tell a lie.". Seema ne apane pati se kahaa, "JhooTh mat bolo.". ‘said to’ of direct speech changes to ‘asked’, ‘questioned’, or ‘inquired’ in Indirect speech.

Change following imperative sentences into indirect speech. Study the following examples carefully to understand the rules mentioned above.

She requested her neighbour to take care of her son. Father ordered his son to bring him his result card.

Usane Monu se kahaa, "Mujhe ek glass paanee do. ", The Principal said to students, "Don't make noise.". Direct and Indirect Speech is used to express the content of any statements, questions or other utterances made by anyone. हिंदी को वास्तविक हिंदी वर्णमाला में पढ़ने के लिए, कृपया यहाँ क्लिक करें।, Direct-Indirect Speech - Imperative Sentences. The reporting verb said (or any other word used as the reporting verb) changes to asked, queried, questioned, demanded of or enquired of in the indirect speech.


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