The places covered between Bangalore and Karwar are Bangalore – 32 km -> Nelamangala – 22 km -> Dobbasapete – 42 km -> Nelahalu – 41 … Need transportation from my Starting City. The height of waterfalls is about 300 feet and the water of the falls reach Kaiga reservoir. Bus Booking Offers; Bus OnRoute Attractions; View All Bus Offers. Karwar is located in India with (14.8136,74.1297) coordinates and Mangalore is located in India with (12.9172,74.856) coordinates. ..... At a distance of 6.5 km from Karwar Bus Stand, Durga Temple is an ancient temple situated on the peak of Sadashivgad hill fort in Karwar. Predating the fort, this temple has an important history. This is a very unique waterfall falling from just 10ft height and it creates a big cave. Narasimha temple: Located 6 km away from Karwar, Narasimha temple is a popular temple temple on the tortoise- shaped island of Kurumgad. Hotels in Kochi | Karwar has various kinds of accommodation facilities catering to various requirements and budgets of the tourists. Kuala Lumpur Hotels | It was one of the main reasons behind India's victor in the war.

Also, most of the local artisans are skilled in sandalwood carvings of several items.The nearest International Airport is Dabolim Airport, Goa, which is about 98 km from Karwar. Gangtok |

Nagarmadi fall passes underneath a huge rock. Durga Temple:Durga Temple is Located in Sadashivgad hill fort of Karwar. Hotels in Sikkim | According to the history, Raja Shiv Chhatrapati found this temple and he gave the rights of worship in this temple to the local Bhandari family. Driving directions Bangalore to Karwar Located about 15 km south of the border of Karnataka and Goa, Karwar lies some 519 km North west of Bangalore. Delhi Mumbai Flights | Bengaluru Mumbai Flights | Motorable road is available for further 1 km which can be reached by own/private vehicles.

There is also a 17th century blue towered mosque in front of this temple and is dedicated to Peer Shamsuddin Kharobat. Kade means last and wado means area. There are many place with religious significance. Karwar is one of the top beach destinations in Karnataka and also one of the must visit places as part of Goa trip.Karwar derived its name from the nearby village of Kadwad. This is the place where the renowned poet Sri Rabindranath Tagore had visited and lost in the scenic beauty of the nature way back in 1916.Devbagh Beach is not only famous for the cool breeze and the golden sands, but is also famous for the water ..... At a distance of 13 km from Karwar Bus Stand, 2.5 km from Majali Bus Stop, Tilmati or the Black Sand Beach is located at Majali village in Karnataka. Karwar is a beautiful town in the Uttara Kannada district of the Indian state of Karnataka. Driving directions Bangalore to Karwar Distance between Bangalore and Karwar is 519 km.

It is also believed that the Arabian Sea dumps the fine black sand brought by River Kali to this place. The meeting point of the Kali River and the Arabian Sea is a spectacular sight to watch. To reach this beach, tourist will have regular ferries from Karwar. Koodi Bagh is among the most beautiful shorelines of Karwar and also one of the tourist places in Karwar. Some of these are are Durga Temple, Naganath Temple, Maruti Temple, Octagonal Church, the famous Dargah of Peer Shan Shamsuddin Kharobat, Venkataramana Temple, Jai Santoshi Mata Temple, Shejjeswar Temple and Shri Kshetra Gurumath popularly called as Shri Kshetra Baad Math. Mumbai Dubai Flights | It is currently being operated with 16523/16524 train numbers on daily basis. There is a bus that runs from Kadra to Devkar Bus Stop, from ..... At a distance of 2 km from Chendia and 12 km from Karwar, Chendia falls, also known as Nagarmadi falls, is a small waterfall located in Uttara Kannada district of Karnataka. The locales pray to the goddess with great faith and also the ..... At a distance of 7 km from Karwar, Anjadiva Island or Anjadip Island is located in the Arabian Sea in South Goa. Hyderabad to Ajmer | Amritsar Chandigarh buses | Top Rated Hotels in Delhi | Anji stands for five in Tamil and it denotes the 5th Island. Shejjeswar Temple. 426 km: Use Virail to find the best way to travel from Bangalore to Karwar. Karwar, Bangalore, India ↔ Mangalore, Bangalore, India = 140 miles = 225 km. The city has parallel and perpendicular concrete roads. This falls is originated from Bare stream. At this palm-fringed beach various activities such as canoeing, kayaking, paddling, banana boat riding and many more can be enjoyed. This is the most popular beach in Karwar and also an important place to promote Karwar Tourism. On the way to Durga Temple, tourists can visit the remains of old fort of Sonda kings. Phuket Hotels | Located on the top of the hill, one has to climb the hill to reach the temple. Karwar is located at a distance of about 523 km from Bangalore. Your password has been reset successfully. It is currently being operated with 16523/16524 train numbers on a daily basis.[1][2][3]. Car Rental Fare, City Taxi Fare, Fuel Cost & Auto Fare. Hong Kong Hotels | Distance between Karwar and Mangalore is 225 kilometers (140 miles).Driving distance from Karwar to Mangalore is 270 kilometers (168 miles). Hotels in Chennai |

Hotels in Hyderabad, Trending International Hotel Cities: Difference between fly and go by a car is 45 km. This beach is very clean and is a perfect destination for adventure lovers. Bengaluru Delhi Flights | The air travel (bird fly) shortest distance between Karwar and Bangalore is 426 km= 265 miles.. Along with amazing natural settings, the town has historical significance as well. Anjadiva Fort is present on the Anjadip Island. At this little beach one can find coarse black sand of basaltic rock making the beach black in color.

This is a special island beach that faces the mighty Arabian Sea on one side and the dense Western Ghats on the other side. Bangalore to Karwar via Bus. This stretch of black sand, spread over 200 m, is said to be formed when the waves hit the basaltic rocks that are concentrated in this area. Hotels in Mumbai | Mumbai Bengaluru Flights | At a distance of just 8 Kms, this temple is believed to be a thousand years old. However, the best way to reach Karwar from Bangalore is by bus, a journey of about 10 hours. Book Bus. Travel Time is 7 hours 55 mins. Cabs from Bangalore | Please enter the reset code below along with new passwords. The only thing you have to do is enter your planned travel dates, and let Virail's powerful search tool deal with the rest.

Pune To Mumbai Trains | We are working on your enquiry and will get back to you with best prices. If you want to go by car, the driving distance between Karwar and Mangalore is 269.97 km. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Head toward Kasturba Rd northwest on Vittal Mallya Rd 77 m, Turn left onto Kasturba Rd/Rajaram Mohan Roy Rd/Vittal Mallya Rd 8 m, Turn right toward Krishna Rajendra Circle 500 m, Turn right toward Krishna Rajendra Circle 9 m, Turn left toward Krishna Rajendra Circle 350 m, Turn left onto Krishna Rajendra Circle 29 m, Take the 1st right to stay on Krishna Rajendra Circle 47 m, Pass by Tamaraa Restaurant (on the left in 1.4 km) 1.5 km, Pass by Hotel Samrat Residency (on the left) 300 m, At H P Petrol Pump, continue onto Sampige Rd, Drive along Mantri Square (on the left for 150 m) 270 m, Turn left after the park (on the right) onto Mill Corner Rd, Pass by Savitha Theatre (on the left) 550 m, Pass by Karummariamma Temple (on the right in 1.4 km) 2.4 km, Pass by Metro Cash and Carry (on the left) 22.6 km, Pass by HPC (on the left in 3.6 km) 303 km, Pass by Masjid (on the right in 27.0 km) 27.5 km, Pass by Tapovan Brahamakumaris (on the right in 36.6 km) 39.4 km, Turn left onto Hubli-Karwar Rd/NH 63/SH 6, Pass by Bala Tripura Sundari Shree Shaaradaamba Devaalaya (on the right in 1.6 km) 66.2 km, Turn right at Baleguli cross onto Edapally Panvel Hwy 29.2 km.


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