Forrest had fought in almost A major engagements in the West; Fort Donelson, Nashville, Shiloh and Chickamauga, but his greatest successes and largest value to the South was in disrupting federal communications and transportation. The distance afforded by the financial instruments of 19th-century capitalism persists to this day in Northern memory. 0. It was not until late in the war, and in retrospect today — after finding application in two World Wars, that the talent of General Sherman in formulating decisive strategic concepts is recognized.

To the west, many Confederate soldiers fought the pursuing Union soldiers all the way down to the eastern side of Valley Creek.

They were 8 to 12 feet high, 15 feet thick at the base, with a ditch 4 feet wide and 5 feet deep along the front. He quickly remounted his stricken mount and ordered an assault by several regiments. They were 8 to 12 feet high, 15 feet thick at the base, with a ditch 4 feet wide and 5 feet deep along the front.

It was for Sherman to see that in the only effective strategy, the South must be occupied and its resources for conducting and supporting the war must be destroyed. They were then to draw their revolvers and with one in each hand to ride in among their assailants and use their weapons at close quarters. At prominent positions, earthen forts were built with artillery in position to cover the ground over which an assault would have to be made. Soon, U.S. flags could be seen waving over the works from Range Line Road to Summerfield Road. “I had to leave her in her area,” she told me, not wanting to lose control and not knowing where to begin. Conveniently, it leaves out the fact that the first enslaved African brought to New England was brought to Salem. Or that my ancestors who lost their scalps did so while embarked on a campaign of displacement, dispossession, and destruction of the native peoples from whom they’d stolen the land that became their city on the hill.

He had placed Gen. Eli Long’s division across the Summerfield Road with the Chicago Board of Trade Battery in support.

Forrest was an aggressive and effective leader who had defeated much larger forces than his own in previous battles, as iron disciplinarian who never the allowed the quality of his forces to degenerate into the predatory state of some other Southern Cavalry commands in the West. Forrest’s soldiers had to stand 10 to 12 feet apart in the works. Although the loss of supplies was important, perhaps of more importance were the larger strategic ends viewed by Sherman, the loss of territory whose importance can only be described in terms of “what might have been” for the Confederacy had Selma not fallen, and also the effect on the entire Confederacy of seeing this deep penetration and control of its territory. Miller, originally a doctor who had entered the army in Indiana. Sherman’s Meridian campaign in early 1864 was expressly designed to destroy Forrest in northern Mississippi and despite a complete description of Forrest’s tactics, General Sooy Smith with a force of 7,000 was defeated by Forrest with 4,000 men. THE BITTER SOUTHERNER ©2020 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. BIBLIOGRAPHY: The importance of this premise is shown by the fact that even relatively late in the war, the summer of 1864, when the South was beginning to lose importantly, in the war weary-weary North greenbacks fell to forty-seven cents on the dollar., draft riots swept New York, the Democratic Party adopted a platform that declared the war a failure and Lincoln concluded that he could not be re-elected. The Selma Ordnance and Naval Foundry was a massive production facility that consisted of more than 100 buildings and employed as many as 10,000 workers at its peak. . © 1998 and 2004 The Cincinnati Civil War Round Table, Copyright 2014 Battle of Selma | All Rights Reserved | Powered by, Donations to Alabama Department of Archives & History Flag Conservation Fund. The Federals suffered many casualties (including General Long himself) but not enough to break up the attack. In late October, he planned to send Wilson to Nashville in command of cavalry to assist Thomas and Schofield against Hood. Forrest’s soldiers had to stand 10 to 12 feet apart in the works. Selma was a major manufacturing center for the Confederate military and the battle was a disaster for the Southern cause. Selma was a key link in the Confederate East-West supply line, which in earlier times had stretched from the Trans-Mississippi Department by rail to Selma, by road and river to Montgomery and hence by rail again to Atlanta and through alternative routes to Richmond.

Then that statue is stolen and, just after another one goes up in its place, the whole country is engulfed in a debate about Confederate monuments and some white journalist with a Pennsylvania number starts calling you? However, this realization was much too late, and the man who was accustomed to getting there first with the most and who had frequently won against much stronger forces for this reason was to be involved in a two day running fight with three major encounters in which he was already too late and was to be at the point of battle in each case with inferior forces.


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