The fact that almost 50% of the market share in this category is held by the Honda CB Shine shows that Yamaha is fighting an uphill battle.The design of the Yamaha Saluto shows that the company has invested a lot of effort into building it with high-quality materials. The fuel economy is also perfect for budget conscious commuters, with an average of about 47 mpg. The best biking experiences, discounts, tips, routes and a FREE motorcycle security eBook. I would like to come in contact who has experince of ridig long distance with a 125 cc who can tell their view of travelling with a 125 ccc. It’s the big, 29-litre tank that does it, helping the DR750 ease past 300 miles on each fill-up while loping along at around 50mpg. However, that’s pretty much the most you can expect from this bike.Bajaj Discover 125 Fuel economy: 82.4 km/l Curb weight: 121 kg Fuel tank capacity: 8 L Max speed: 100 km/h Engine Displ.

Another adventure motorcycle as a choice for the best commuter? The size of the chassis to is smaller compared to other bikes within this range.

Here are our top choices for versatile and fun small commuter motorcycles!

Motorcycle commuting is definitely cheaper than commuting by car. A good 125cc bike, therefore, gives you the independence and flexibility that you need. However, while the bike looks youthful, it cannot be called premium or sophisticated even by a long shot.The one good thing about the TVS Phoenix is that it sports an all-digital gauge which looks nice and hi-tech. All of these bikes are available brand new or second hand. Major downside is that they are fairly pricey. Pick the model that suits you and get ready to embrace the amazing world of two wheels! New graphics adorn areas like the fuel tank and the center-chassis which makes the Honda CB Shine SP look more “sporty” and elegant.

There are many worthy choices out there.

If you can beat that with another stock production bike, do let us know in the comments below. Try comparing the features, fuel efficiency and other aspects of the bikes … The engine features a wide range of technology derived directly from MotoGP racing, such as Yamaha’s Chip Controlled ride-by-wire system, Traction Control, and quickshifter, with a cool cruise control mode too. Are 125cc bikes good?Yes! If you want a maxi-scooter to weave your way through traffic, go for a smaller-engined one, as they’ll have a shorter wheelbase, making them easier to turn. We think it works best for long distance commuters though. If you want to go there, it will go there, and it will do it without a fuss. While we like to imagine most two-wheeled commuters as city-dwelling riders who zip from office to office as motorcycle couriers on short five minute rides and the like, the truth is that most people have to spend up to and over an hour in the saddle just to get into work. That said, the telescopic hydraulic shock suspension and the all-alloy wheels do compensate for that to a certain extent.

Today, this 645cc v-twin machine boasts 75 horsepower and 47 lb-ft of torque, and comes with an attractive MSRP of $7,499 with ABS. The smaller maxi-scooters have an engine capacity around 250cc (think Yamaha XMAX 250) and are good for around 80mph the larger ones are often over 600cc have the straight line performance of a middleweight motorcycle and can easily top 100mph. Similarly, it’s also a blast to ride at highway speeds on the asphalt. It’s kind of advertised as that, but in fact they’re great at a wide range of tasks. Completely self taught, passed mod 1 no minors - failed mod 2 lol. The…, Commuter bikes have always played a crucial role in our society. Once you’ve got a combination of the two then it will be your own endurance rather than the bike’s that forces stops. Long rides into work can be treacherous, and you need more than just horsepower to make the ride enjoyable at times. However, rather than provide digits, the speedometer features a bizarre bar graph which wouldn’t be too convenient to see especially when you’re riding at full throttle. With a price tag starting from $18,695 it’s a lot more expensive than any other option on the list so far – but that’s Ducati for you, and if you want a versatile quality work horse that you can use every day, whatever the weather, and for a wide range of tasks, with the Ducati logo on it, that’s what it costs. The secret to the Guzzi’s success is the clean lines and classy appearance, as well as the matt black finish all over which makes it easy to keep clean…or rather, you won’t have to worry too much about rusting chrome work while your bike is left in the rain while you’re stuck in the office. For biking enthusiasts and road trippers, however, the Hero Super Splendor doesn’t really offer anything special. Armed with a KTM 690 engine – the most powerful single cylinder engine currently available – and adorned with other KTM essentials like WP suspension and Kiska-designed ergonomics, you might be thinking that the Husqvarna is just a tarted up 690 with a few new clothes as part of a design exercise. There are too many variables to please everyone, so we’re well aware that there will be models that you think should have been included, and we’re sure we might have included things that you will disagree with – but that’s the nature of the game. They are great for commuting. The first minor drawback of the Hero Glamour is the pickup. Moreover, the all-digital gauges provide details including fuel efficiency and trip length and add to the sporty look of this bike. +1 for the Varadero. From dedicated six-cylinder sport tourers, to Dakar inspired adventure bikes, there has probably never been a better time to choose a touring motorcycle. Visordown is part of the CMG Full Throttle Network. That said, the engine runs extremely smoothly and the pick up on the Bajaj V12 is quite efficient and consistent.Overall, the great design and specifications make the Bajaj V12 a decent 125cc bike for city commuters. At around 60 km, it matches the mileage offered by its competitors.

If you like vintage lines but need contemporary features, this bike won’t disappoint. My 1988 Peraves ecomobile has a range in the order of 450+ miles - the reserve light comes on at 14 litres! When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Read Customer Reviews: Hero Glamour Review, Price In India & Customer Experiences. Prices for the Tracer GT start from a very attractive $12,999. |, Honda CB Shine Review, Price In India & Customer Experiences, Yamaha Saluto Review, Price In India & Customer Experiences, Hero Glamour Review, Price In India & Customer Experiences, Hero Super Splendor Review, Price In India & Customer Experiences, Bajaj Discover 125 Review, Price In India & Customer Experiences, Bajaj Discover 125 Review, Price In India & Customer Experiences (2020), Honda CB Shine SP Review, Price In India & Customer Experiences, Hero Passion XPro Review, Price In India & Customer Experiences, Suzuki Hayate Review, Price In India & Customer Experiences. To tackle long distances on a scooter, there are two essentials you need: a large fairing to keep the windblast away from you and a large engine, to make the ride effortless. i have a 2006 CG125 which i will be selling in the next couple of weeks, (pending passing mod 2) gone from wakefield to peterbourough no problems, 250 miles on a tank and a half, sat nicely between 65 and 70 on streches of the A1, has been used pretty much everyday for the past 18 months and not had any major issuses. The one really positive addition to the Honda CB Shine SP is the new 5-speed gearbox. Expect to feel a lot of strong bumps especially considering that our city streets are a bonanza of potholes. At 60mpg – which should be within easy reach – that goes up to nearly 370 miles between fill-ups. The all-chrome handle is also super sturdy and offers a superior grip. The advantage and disadvantage of ridig with a 125 and safty issue. Yours, for an MSRP of $13,295.

It has great handling, fantastic brakes, and incredible versatility. You’re going to want a few riding aids, and other creature comforts. The fact that almost 50% of the market share in this category is held by the Honda CB Shine shows that Yamaha is fighting an uphill battle. I have a CBR125, and it is completely bulletproof, as you'd expect from any modern Honda to be honest.


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