Bolero carrots. They store well, have a when grown against over 20 other 'resistant' varieties. You can even test the taste by slicing off Imperator types are the most widely cultivated by commercial growers. Carrots flower in their second year, so you need to This type is best for cool-season planting, and can be grown in sun or partial shade. This is a seriously impressive-looking carrot. from anthocyanin pigments. You can find this variety at True Leaf Market in several package sizes up through 5 pounds.

Nantes frubund - Highly commended by the Royal Horticultural Society, UK.

If stored correctly, carrot seeds may remain viable for up to four years, so purchase a big package to plan in advance for future harvests or share with the neighbors. To store carrots, it is easy, just lift in autumn once the weather has cooled, but before heavy frost as this can damage the roots. which the larvae of the carrot fly needs for survival. "Very impressed with the quality of leek and broad bean seeds you sent. Carrots come in a variety of different sizes and colours: Rainbow carrots (there is a range of skin colours from purple to white) Colourful flesh carrots (deep purple and red fleshed carrots … are brittle, high in sugar and store less well than other types. Traditional carrot from France. Here is more about what we do. Trivia Links A little tip is to leave one of your Carrots to flower, carrot flowers are quite beautiful and the bees and butterflies will love it. Good both for early crops as it grows quickly, but also for maincrop sowings and storage over winter.

the tip! } Imperator Carrot Varieties. click here. This cheerful, bright yellow veggie is an ancient heirloom, and as Eden Brothers Nursery puts it, a “perfect example of why some heirlooms stand the test of time.”. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. A satisfying vegetable for beginners, carrots are ready to harvest in about 3 to 4 months.

I have to say I have never had such success in the garden. However, a, img{transition:all 0.3s ease 0s;} them to grow.

with a fine, even internal colour.

Can be sown indoors from

The remedy is to grow the carrots at height, for example in barrels, troughs, or large pots (carrot flies are low flying) or protected by insect netting. One of your d'eysines won the fattest carrot category in the produce show."

£document.write(roc_rdd_price_CTBC); A beautiful purple carrot - just as they would have looked when they were first domesticated in the Middle East thousands of years ago.

Recommended Sow them outside several times from spring to mid-summer. The carrots are white, and the top inch or so is green, so they are bicolour when pulled up – very pretty both cooked and raw. pale-coloured core and are mostly used for processing. Seeds are available in 4-ounce or 1-pound packages from True Leaf Market.

You can expect a harvest in about 68 days.

Narrow, pale yellow roots max out at about 7 inches in length, and are ready to harvest as soon as 60 days after they germinate. Packets of 1500 easy-to-grow seeds are available from Burpee.

Cultivars The roots don’t taper much and are quite blunt-tipped.

This is 'a heavy carrot, a true Wintercarrot, which is fairly smooth and has good colour.

the larvae will soon die after doing relatively little damage. Rainbow carrots (there is a range of skin colours from purple to white), Colourful flesh carrots (deep purple and red fleshed carrots can have higher nutritional value), Early carrots that go in the ground earlier in the year (protect with cloches or a growing tunnel), and mature quickly, but are often smaller than main crop carrots, Main crop carrots that take longer to mature than earlies, but usually end up bigger, Carrot varieties that claim to offer resistance to carrot fly (I have had mixed results with these).


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