It’s a take on the popular low carb meatza recipes, typically made with a sausage or ground beef base.

I decided to play it safe and use the alum.

For this shortcut version, you just add capers and red peppers to a jarred pasta sauce and spread on a ready-made pizza crust. Not sure how to use either one and could use some suggestions. I would mix the ingredients together and flatten on a pan as thinly as you can. Whether you're cooking for yourself or for a family, these easy dinners are sure to leave everyone satisfied and stress-free. It may be leftover from wartime when fresh food may have been hard to get. Hmm…Unfortunately I haven’t tried any alternatives.

Made this tonight for my 2 friends and I and we ate the entire pizza! The only revision I’ll make next time is to skip the onion salt.

She began her low carb journey in 2009 and at the urging of friends, started blogging in 2014. This would be great with pesto sauce, tomatoes and mushrooms. Just see our video website and start making awesome pizza at home like the restaurant. Top the dough evenly with 1/3 cup BBQ sauce. Categories: Chicken Tags: egg, ground chicken, italian seasoning, mozzarella cheese, Your email address will not be published. Made mini pizzas of about 2oz each (cooked for 18 min instead of 22).

The baking sheet makes itvery easy for you to either lay the base straight on to the oven rack or on to a pizza tray. have been sold by a company called Underwood since 1868. The Platinum line is fantastic; its careful formula strengthens your dough and makes making working with yeast simple. So glad it turned out well!

As I’m lactose intolerant, I only eat pizza maybe once a year because I have to willingly choose the consequences.

Tasty recipes you can make at home.

Would you brown the chicken first prior to mixing it with the eggs and cheese or do you do that after mixing the 3 ingredients and flattening it out? Lol Here are a few flavors I have found work well together. Your email address will not be published. Combine all ingredients in a bowl until well mixed. This was fantastic, simple to make, and easy to customize.

Learn how your comment data is processed. amzn_assoc_ad_mode = "manual"; This recipe for a keto pizza base uses chicken, eggs and cheese all combined into one amazingly flavorful crust! I’m glad you liked it Cheryl and found it easy. I don’t use canned chicken but most people would use it to make a chicken salad like one would make a tuna salad. I still can’t believe it is so easy and so good. Loved the idea of this! Canned meats (chicken, devilled ham, roast beef, liverwurst, etc.)

As long as they are keto and low carb, the sky is the limit! Meatzas are generally cooked in a cast iron skillet on the stove, then topped and placed into the oven to melt the cheese. The baking sheet makes itvery easy for you to either lay the base straight on to the oven rack or on to a pizza tray. They’re absolutely tasty in their pizza-ness without actually being pizza. That is a fantastic idea and I’m going to try it! I am so surprised at how great and versatile this recipe is!

Sign up for my NEWSLETTER and never miss a post! 1. See. Wow, this sounds delicious! -Kim, I wouldn’t, Nilima, but I haven’t tried. -Kim. And I have to say as well, that I have never ever heard of canned chicken!!!!!

This was absolutely fantastic.

Now add the tomato base and start adding your toppings. Once the edges are browned, remove from the oven and top with chopped fresh cilantro. About Greek chicken pizza, BBQ chicken pizza, chicken lasagna pizza.


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