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How study abroad affects our economy, Beyond CCTV: the serious science of surveillance, Police release more details of bow and arrow grisly murder-suicide in, Teaching our children to ‘read’ and ‘write’ – the case for, Faster than a speeding petaflop: IBM flies past Japanese rival to win, IBM regains top spot for fastest super-computer, Yahoo boss Scott Thompson apologises for his CV scandal – well, not, Calls for Yahoo chief Scott Thompson to be fired over the degree that, Unemployed graduates should keep busy to improve job prospects, Games Britannia aims to rule computing education, Leading article: A welcome shot of IT creativity, Michael Gove brands ICT curriculum 'a mess', Letters: IT 'skills shortage' is largely a myth, Bank managers 'don't understand videogames industry', Science: Follow the lion's example: Animals are teaching computer. Views expressed here do not necessarily reflect those of ScienceDaily, its staff, its contributors, or its partners. How is Covid impacting the future of work? grocery store is asked to leave. Windows 10 recovery, revisited: The new way to perform a clean install, 10 open-source videoconferencing tools for business, Microsoft deviates from the norm, forcibly upgrades Windows 10 1903 with minor 1909 refresh, Apple silicon Macs: 9 considerations for IT, The best way to transfer files to a new Windows PC or Mac, Online privacy: Best browsers, settings, and tips, Microsoft discounts M365 Business Premium by 25%, What's in the latest Edge update? Britain cannot afford to ignore this crisis, You couldn't make it up: Blogger identifies number-changing glitch in, Are you smarter than a supercomputer? Zebra Finches Unmask the Bird Behind the Song, Most Effective Strategies to Cut COVID-19 Spread, Memory 'Fingerprints' Reveal Brain Organization, Geology at Mars' Equator: Ancient Megaflood, Healthy Sleep Habits Cut Risk of Heart Failure, NASA's SpaceX Crew-1 Astronauts Headed to ISS, World's Smallest Atom-Memory Unit Created, Showing Robots How to Drive a Just a Few Easy Lessons, Three Reasons Why COVID-19 Can Cause Silent Hypoxia, Meeting a 100-Year-Old Challenge Could Lead the Way to Digital Aromas, A Neural Network Learns When It Should Not Be Trusted, New Test Reveals AI Still Lacks Common Sense, Researcher Aids in the Development of a Pathway to Solve Cybersickness, Upgraded Radar Can Enable Self-Driving Cars to See Clearly No Matter the Weather, New Electronic Chip Delivers Smarter, Light-Powered AI, AI Tool May Predict Movies' Future Ratings, Sensor Experts Invent Supercool Mini Thermometer, Computer Scientists Launch Counteroffensive Against Video Game Cheaters, Neural Net Learns When It Shouldn't Be Trusted, Self-Driving Cars With Clear View, Any Weather, Measuring Risk-Taking By Watching People Move Computer Mouses, For Neural Research, Wireless Chip Shines Light on the Brain, System Brings Deep Learning to 'Internet of Things' Devices, Computer Vision App Allows Easier Monitoring of Diabetes, Weather-Proof Chip Aims to Take Self-Driving Tech, Wireless Communications to Next Level, New Study Outlines Steps Higher Education Should Take to Prepare a New Quantum Workforce, Sorting out Viruses With Machine Learning, Black Hole or No Black Hole: On the Outcome of Neutron Star Collisions, Computer Model Can Predict How COVID-19 Spreads in Cities, Skills Development in Physical AI Could Give Birth to Lifelike Intelligent Robots, Final Dance of Unequal Black Hole Partners, Know When to Unfold 'Em: Applying Particle Physics Methods to Quantum Computing, Nervous Systems of Insects Inspire Efficient Future AI Systems, Next-Generation Computer Chip With Two Heads, Building a Quantum Network One Node at a Time, Students Develop Tool to Predict the Carbon Footprint of Algorithms, An Underwater Navigation System Powered by Sound, AI Teachers Must Be Effective and Communicate Well to Be Accepted, Researchers Take a Stand on Algorithm Design for Job Centers: Landing a Job Isn't Always the Right Goal, System Brings Deep Learning to 'internet of Things' Devices, Know When to Unfold 'em: Applying Particle Physics Methods to Quantum Computing, Graphene-Based Memory Resistors Show Promise for Brain-Based Computing, Toward Ultrafast Computer Chips That Retain Data Even When There Is No Power, Machine Learning Helps Hunt for COVID-19 Therapies, How Computer Scientists and Marketers Can Create a Better CX With AI, Theoreticians Show Which Quantum Systems Are Suitable for Quantum Simulations, 'Spooky' Similarity in How Brains and Computers See, For the First Time: Realistic Simulation of Plasma Edge Instabilities in Tokamaks, Optical Wiring for Large Quantum Computers, Hidden States of the COVID-19 Spike Protein, MonoEye: A Human Motion Capture System Using a Single Wearable Camera, Material Found in House Paint May Spur Technology Revolution, A New Approach to Artificial Intelligence That Builds in Uncertainty, Researchers Discover a Uniquely Quantum Effect in Erasing Information, Assessing State of the Art in AI for Brain Disease Treatment, Bringing a Power Tool from Math Into Quantum Computing, Scientists Voice Concerns, Call for Transparency and Reproducibility in AI Research, New Deep Learning Models: Fewer Neurons, More Intelligence, Software Spots and Fixes Hang Bugs in Seconds, Rather Than Weeks, New Virtual Reality Software Allows Scientists to 'walk' Inside Cells, Multi-State Data Storage Leaving Binary Behind, Engineering Team Develops Novel Miniaturized Organic Semiconductor, Biochip Innovation Combines AI and Nanoparticle Printing for Cancer Cell Analysis, New Algorithm Could Unleash the Power of Quantum Computers, Bridging the Gap Between the Magnetic and Electronic Properties of Topological Insulators, Tool Helps Clear Biases from Computer Vision, AI Can Detect COVID-19 in the Lungs Like a Virtual Physician, New Study Shows, New Detector Breakthrough Pushes Boundaries of Quantum Computing, App Analyzes Coronavirus Genome on a Smartphone, Driving Behavior Less 'robotic' Thanks to New Model, Brain Circuitry Shaped by Competition for Space as Well as Genetics, Recording Thousands of Nerve Cell Impulses at High Resolution, 3D Camera Quickly Merges Depth, Spectral Data, Simpler Models May Be Better for Determining Some Climate Risk, Metal Wires of Carbon Complete Toolbox for Carbon-Based Computers, A Self-Erasing Chip for Security and Anti-Counterfeit Tech, When Bots Do the Negotiating, Humans More Likely to Engage in Deceptive Techniques, Engineers Pre-Train AI Computers to Make Them Even More Powerful, Personal Interactions Are Important Drivers of STEM Identity in Girls, AI Could Expand Healing With Bioscaffolds, A Computer Predicts Your Thoughts, Creating Images Based on Them, New Design Principles for Spin-Based Quantum Materials, World's Smallest Ultrasound Detector Created, New Data Processing Module Makes Deep Neural Networks Smarter, Security Software for Autonomous Vehicles, Engineers Improve Signal Processing for Small Fiber Optic Cables, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Could Enhance Scientific Peer Review, Researchers Say, Light Processing Improves Robotic Sensing, Study Finds, Evidence of Power: Phasing Quantum Annealers Into Experiments from Nonequilibrium Physics, New Machine Learning-Assisted Method Rapidly Classifies Quantum Sources, Quirky Response to Magnetism Presents Quantum Physics Mystery, Detailed Picture of US Bachelor's Programs in Computing, Designed Antiviral Proteins Inhibit SARS-CoV-2 in the Lab, Artificial Intelligence Aids Gene Activation Discovery, New Method Prevents Quantum Computers from Crashing, Tool Transforms World Landmark Photos Into 4D Experiences, Model Shows That the Speed Neurons Fire Impacts Their Ability to Synchronize, Extracting Order from a Quantum Measurement Finally Shown Experimentally, Predictive Placentas: Using Artificial Intelligence to Protect Mothers' Future Pregnancies, Heavy Electronic Media Use in Late Childhood Linked to Lower Academic Performance, A Molecular Approach to Quantum Computing, Managing Data Flow Boosts Cyber-Physical System Performance, New Theory Hints at More Efficient Way to Develop Quantum Algorithms, Intelligent Software Tackles Plant Cell Jigsaw Puzzle, Brain-Inspired Electronic System Could Vastly Reduce AI's Carbon Footprint, Photonics Researchers Report Breakthrough in Miniaturizing Light-Based Chips, Thermodynamics of Computation: A Quest to Find the Cost of Running a Turing Machine, New Neural Network Differentiates Middle and Late Stone Age Toolkits, Cosmic Rays May Soon Stymie Quantum Computing, Revised Code Could Help Improve Efficiency of Fusion Experiments, Deep Learning Algorithm to Speed Up Materials Discovery in Emerging Tech Industries, Fifty New Planets Confirmed in Machine Learning First, Contagion Model Predicts Flooding in Urban Areas, Predicting Computational Power of Early Quantum Computers, Blue Ring Nebula: 16-Year-Old Cosmic Mystery Solved, Revealing Stellar Missing Link, Revolutionary CRISPR-Based Genome Editing System Treatment Destroys Cancer Cells, A Nanomaterial Path Forward for COVID-19 Vaccine Development, Researchers Identify Features That Could Make Someone a Virus Super-Spreader, Galaxy Encounter Violently Disturbed Milky Way, Scientists Make Sound-Waves from a Quantum Vacuum at the Black Hole Laboratory, Sound Waves Power New Advances in Drug Delivery and Smart Materials, More Skin-Like, Electronic Skin That Can Feel.


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