The direction of the music has gone much as the game has in this regard.

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It's a great next step for the series, but this game is not for everyone.

After Contra 3, Konami simply put out trash after trash like that legacy of War garbage.

Just Cause 4! The emulation of Contra and Super C lack multiplayer support.
Every now and then you may fail to notice a bullet that entered the gap and get shot as it sneaks out.

If you get hit by any projectile, touch an enemy or fall in a pit, you're dead and your currently equipped weapon, likely the better of your available two, is lost.

My brother and I borrowed Super Contra over and over again. Contra 4's level design and gameplay certainly owe a lot to its predecessors. This site © 2020 Gamer Network Limited.

To celebrate its 20th anniversary, Konami is bringing the side-scrolling action shooter to the Nintendo DS. The developers have done a wonderful job in providing a title that lives up to the Contra name. In the pseudo 3-D corridor levels (throwbacks to the original game), the difficulty level drops to almost zero when compared to the rest of the game. Thanks for pointing that out. As long as you gel with this kind of unforgiving design, Contra 4 has well-designed levels with gorgeous 2D graphics arguably better than anything we ever saw during the 16-bit era.

While the levels are well designed, unless you're very good at working out trajectories it's easy to be scuppered by a stray bullet thanks to the massive blind spot between the two screens on the Nintendo DS. Contra 4 is awesome.

Thanks for taking part! The sound track was devised by the brilliant Jake Kaufman (aka virt). Unlocking this content isn't going to be easy, though. Contra 4 has been hailed as a rebirth of the Contra franchise, returning the gameplay to the classic roots of the series. And it is mean in exactly the same ways as its forebears. If he gets I'll buy a copy so we can play two players. 2008-01-10T13:18:00+00:00 6 10 Read the reviews policy Sometimes we …

The core action is as solid as it's ever been - although I miss being able to hold both triggers and fire both guns at the same time, like in Contra III: The Alien Wars. You find yourself repeating a relatively brief section of gameplay in order to master it and unlock the next challenge.

Even with these new play mechanics the game is still hard, but not just because of the difficulty level. If you can spare a moment to observe the backgrounds, you'll find that the various elements are beautifully painted and that there are often subtle animations that bring them to life.


You also have a grappling hook that allows you to get up to hard to reach places and avoid getting hit at times.
The gameplay is mostly straight up, no-nonsense Contra style shooting with few wrinkles in the formula, but old-school fans will feel right at home.

I played the whole game with a standard DS. This year is Contra's 20th anniversary, and in celebration of that fact, the game comes with a ton of extra content. Everything about this reminds you of your favorite parts from the original NES Contra, Super C, Contra III, Contra Hard Corps, etc.

Naturally everyone's opinion will differ. Contra 4 delivers the hardest challenge I’ve yet to deal with in any game since the original.

Contra 4 is an excellent addition to the Contra series and the perfect follow up to Contra III. It's a soundtrack that could have been written in 1993 and it sounds wonderful. Contra 4, fortunately, does include multiplayer for two players, and that is, in fact, awesome. You'll just have to review all the easy ones. The walls, bullets, stationary weapons and bosses are in 3D while the player and aliens are still 2D sprites.

There's a problem loading this menu right now. WayForward and Konami have stayed true to the old-school flavor of Contra while doing everything they can to ease entry for the uninitiated. The descriptions for sound and control are under the opposite headings.


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