Where’s your favorite place to dine at EPCOT? Still, I expect attentive service (regardless of who is at “fault”) when dining out, so it was still disappointing, although it certainly could have been a fluke, and nothing on which you should base your decision. We’re getting ahead of ourselves, though. Planning on going to Coral Reef? For an entree, we’d usually just get whatever special they had on offer. Rather than the standard, boring cold shrimp in a glass dish and a side of cocktail sauce, these large chilled shrimp are served on skewers, with a charred lemon. We ate here on the last day of our trip because we realized we had an extra sit down credit on our dining plan that was unused.

And good, it was. The ambiance was also better the previous trip because we were able to get a seat right next to the tank.

He loved it! Will be dining at CR again in June, 2017. The steak was filled with fat and gristle, and by the time I cut away the uneatable portions, I was left with less than half of the meat. It doesn’t really look like anything special in the photo here, and honestly, I remember the preparation being a lot more impressive on our last trip, but it was still quite decadent.

This happened in 2012 (but it is still a vivid not-so-good memory) and even though we have bee back to WDW almost each summer since, I have never gone back to Coral Reef because I just thought it was an overall awful meal/ experience. We paid the bill, which amounted to over $90 for our meals, before the tip. We had lunch their last year and we (family of four with 9-year old twins) were seated 2nd level at one of the tables where the wave is higher. The thing that sets it apart from other Disney restaurants is the tank.

Our waiter was nice, but no-nonsense. subsidiary, affiliated and related companies. I assumed as a manager of the restaurant that he would try to make amends, but he did nothing and the waiter brought the check with no correction or apology. I made reservations online and checked the box concerning dietary restrictions. I asked to speak with the manager. One of the fun things about sitting at a tank table, especially if you have small children or wildlife enthusiasts, is that the restaurant will provide you with a fish guide describing and picturing various creatures living in the tank. For what to do and when to do it, our Walt Disney World Ride Guides will help.

I used to like their scallop appetizer but when we went it was gone. There are two cocktails that are specially themed to the Coral Reef restaurant, the Coral ‘Rita and the Abyss. It is ranked 79 out of 103 table service restaurants at Walt Disney World. The delicious food is an equal match for this wonderful venue. In the future, we need to plan these things better so that we can sample some of each others’ dishes and try multiple dishes. It did not happen. Share your thoughts in the comments! It was outstanding and the Cast Member let our team relax for a while with just drinks and the shrimp cocktails.

My entire family loves CR. Shop Don’t even get me started on the rock shrimp; I’m salivating at my desk as I think back to their crisp crunch and perfect taste. It was very easy to get a reservation. I wouldn’t be surprised if they were short-staffed that day, so I don’t blame her. Follow her adventures on Twitter and Instagram @thisfloridalife, Coral Reef has a major design flaw in the wave shaped barriers that separate the different levels of seating.

Your email address will not be published. Go for the view and that's pretty much it.

Not well organized. I was underwhelmed by the food in June 2011. Their lobster bisque is also really good, our 1 year old even loved it! Plus, although the restaurant is built with seating on multiple tiered levels to attempt to give a nice view of the aquarium to everyone, nothing beats a front row spot. One of the surprise hits of the entrees was the Grilled Vegetable Skewer – outstanding! We usually end up all getting something different and have always been very happy with the food and the waitstaff. As you might have gathered from the superlatives, this was not something either of us were expecting. Every time I’ve been here since the quality just seems to get less and the service gets worse. my wife and i enjoyed a lunch as part of the candlelight processional package. Company, Disney Enterprises, Inc., or any of their affiliates. Although Coral Reef is primarily a seafood restaurant, it has options for everyone for both lunch and dinner. Lobster mac and cheese was awful with almost no lobster. The Coral Reef was a must do for my wife and me. They were buttery and herbed. While we both really enjoy seafood, it can be easy to poorly prepare, and many times even well-prepared seafood is just so-so.

I got reservations in a week or so and really wanted to sit next to one.. The Shrimp Cocktail wins major points for its unique presentation. PHOTOS & VIDEO! Should I eat here for lunch or use the extra time for attractions and just visit the aquarium? He had the seared rainbow trout and I had the shrimp and grits. However, for an in-park restaurant, Coral Reef has a lot going for it. Tasty food and a fun environment that is tough to beat. When we arrived at the restaurant I was given a menu for allergies, however, I don’t actually have an allergy, but a necessity for a low sodium diet. When the reservation was made we were told by Disney personnel to arrive 15 minutes early. Planning a Walt Disney World trip? It’s not often that Disney prepares shrimp this well. Farms in the nearby Mount Dora and Zellwood area, about 45 minutes from Walt Disney World supplies this sweet corn. The waiter NEVER came during the entire meal to check on us, refill drinks, ask if we needed anyting…. Become a TouringPlans Subscriber so you can have all our tools and resources and your finger tips. Seriously, Coral Reef deserves a spot in the TGIF Hall of Fame (and if such a hall of fame doesn’t exist, it should!). It is not worth the money to “try again” with so many other fantastic paces out there!

I recently ate at the CR in November of 2015 and my fiancé and I both enjoyed our meals. Based on over 500,000 surveys received from our readers, Coral Reef has a 78% thumbs up rating. Based on over 500,000 surveys received from our readers, Coral Reef has a 78% thumbs up rating.

We were seated at the tank without having to ask, but it looked like most parties of 2 to 4 were being seated closest to the tank. When we arrived at the restaurant I was given a menu for allergies, however, I don’t actually have an allergy, but a necessity for a low sodium diet. One of the things that holds Coral Reef Restaurant back is it can be expensive to dine here, and the food doesn’t always match the price. The food was considerably better during our most recent meal. Loved the ambiance. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. I guess they changed the menu since reopening.

This restaurant is big flash for a lot of cash, but it lacks the quality control of other restaurants on property. Our food was great. With a breathtaking view of the second largest aquarium in North America, Coral Reef’s atmosphere is lovely. I asked to speak with the manager. We were so excited because of the “underwater adventure” theme we had read al about.


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