Consumers have the ability to communicate and deal with marketing’s intrusions, showing none of the passivity displayed by mass media audiences. Instrumented (using a community for a temporal advantage; sharing tips and helping novices)  and Voyeuristic. Therefore, if you are lucky enough to boast these or any other forms of social proof, you should do everything you can in your power to promote them. There will be a large disparity between the prices of the small and the large cartons, but the large carton will only be slightly more expensive than the medium one. Digital marketing is quite beneficial to the companies that adopt it but none the less it possesses a greater challenge to the companies. The level of connectivity is enhanced with faster transfer of information. Adding social plugins or sharing buttons to your blog will display the number of shares a piece of content has. Some of these businesses theories about online marketing offer a new look at how consumer and marketers interact. This is why so many new companies and existing merchants have set up online stores to allow customers to show 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and 365 days a year. Consumers are increasingly using these technologies to access companies.

And lastly, you want to grow your relationships with these customers. For digital marketers, the theoretical framework of digital marketing includes all the strategies on how to best reach this online audience. If visitors can see that people have shared your post already, they are more likely to share more. Digital Marketing Theories Deighton & Kornfield: “Interactivity’s Unanticipated Consequences for Marketers and Marketing” As a modern academic discipline, interactivity cannot be referred to as a form of direct marketing, as consumers are provided with countervailing computational power through communication tools like the cellphone, digital land line and the networked computer. Moreover, user-generated content like reviews, testimonials and social media mentions each offer fantastic avenues for leveraging social proof.

Word of mouth is a major part of this role. In this, it all comes to Michael Masterson’s theory of 4 U’s, which is used for creating effective headlines that should be unique in the way their crafter, rather than written! Product life cycle – One of the most popular theory of marketing, the product life cycle theory explains the four stages through which a product goes in its life. For example, when customers purchase medications, they are more inclined to know how the product interacts with their body, and how it can combine with other medications. This will involve sending occasional discounts, announcements and more to encourage more sales. Don’t overwhelm your customers by providing them with too many choices, or too much information to digest. For example, if you create an ebook, you can give it away for free for a limited time or on a first-come, first-served basis. Many small businesses in recent years have begun to build out their websites, their online banner ads, their social media programs and their overall digital marketing strategies. Jeevan, Priti, A Study of an Integrated Digital Marketing Framework - Theoretical Model and Analysis Using ABCD Model (2015). The form of interactivity most attractive to marketing is that which facilitate people’s identity projects and contribute to the collective making of meaning.Therefore to conclude, the most important of new media are those which enable cultural exchange (Facebook, Youtube). Arguably, the most famous experiment into the endowment effect was carried out in 1980 by the economist Richard Thaler with a class of students at Cornell University. So where possible, provide customers with just one or two clear paths to follow after they have consumed your content, in order to avoid them making no choice at all. 3) Property Exchanges: Napster concerns private property being exchanged in anonymity which gives ways to varying degrees of reputation/identity, and free exchange gives way to priced exchange.


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