The first episode of the show was telecast on 1st February 2012. The doctor married Delores in the year 1975. A post shared by Dr. Now MD (@younannowzaradan) on Feb 4, 2019 at 12:47pm PST. Dr. Nowzaradan is not worried about taking these patients under his care. The famous cardiac surgeon Denton Cooley was impressed by his careful hands, and he offered Nowzaradan a cardiovascular scholarship in 1976 at the Texas Heart Institute. We’ve updated the article. He is 70 years old and graduated from Tehran University of Medical Sciences in Tehran, Iran in 1970. Dr. Younan Nowzaradan is a popular gastric bypass surgeon. Similar to the elder sister, she was also interested in Arts, especially photography. Nowzaradan graduated with a medical degree from the University of Tehran in 1970 and later moved to the U.S. for further studies. Top 10 of what People search for when looking for Dr. Nowzaradan. Dr. Nowzaradan Net Worth. Dr. Now is the poster guy for the documentary show “My 600 lb life”. He’s highly sought after because he accepts many patients that other doctors refuse. Dr. Nowzaradan is not your usual weight loss treatment doctor. show called “My 600 lb life”. with just three staff physicians. He has earned this amount by his impressive contribution in the TLC show which brought him both publicity and wealth. He was also accused of obstructing this discovery during the divorce.

He is having experience of nearly of 2 decades in laparoscopy plus comes up with experience in Laparoscopic Bariatric surgery of around 7 years.

Rick Leventhal Net Worth: How Rich is Kelly Dodd’s Fiance? The youngest child is Jessica, and she was born in 1983. Delores Nowzaradan net worth. He’s not only a skilled surgeon, he’s a powerful motivator. Dr. Younan Nowzaradan ist ein allgemeiner und Gefäßchirurg aus Houston, Texas. Dr. Now has over 30 years of experience and hope for many patients.

Dr. Nowzaradan tells the patients to change their eating habits. Dr Nowzaradan married Delores in 1975 and they divorced in 2002. Dr. Nowzaradan has been serving in the medical department for over four decades.

You may also like: Phil Heath, Dr. Sandra Lee. Daisy Keech Net Worth: How Rich is the Instagram Star Actually? He is the founder president and C.E.O. He generates his wealth form his career as a surgeon. Dr. Nowzaradan is not your usual weight loss treatment doctor. Your email address will not be published.

The main idea behind producing this reality TV series is to motivate and inspire people to shed pounds for living a healthy life.

Facebook:, Instagram:, YouTube:, TikTok: In this way, his show is not only an inspiration for people to lose weight, also it is an influential series for doctors to accept high-risk patients. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. He is also a great motivator. Dr. Now, in his show, warns the people that in case of not losing weight, they will die sooner. She is married and has a son from the marriage. He is highly desirable personality because he welcomes those patients whom other doctors find inoperable. But, she left her job to give more time to her family. She remained single after the breakup and loved her time with children and grandchildren. Dr. Nowzaradan is certified by American Board of Surgery.

He completed a four-year surgical residency in Nashville, Tennessee, at the St. Thomas Hospital. show describes the weight loss journey of the morbidly obese patients seeking treatment from the doctor.

Your email address will not be published. He persuades his patients to shed pounds with the help of “My 600-lb” life. She assumed the role of a typical housewife taking care of family and children. Education: M.D., F.A.C.S., University of Tehran.

Additionally, he procured cardiovascular association at the Texas Heart Institute in Houston, Texas. He has helped many people lose weight during his practice in Houston. of a video producing company called Megalomedia. His eldest son Jonathan was born in 1978.

When you perform diet and lose weight initially, it decreases these risks., Jason Oppenheim Net Worth: 5 Facts You Need to Know. He takes on patients that are turned down by other surgeons and are considered inoperable by them.

Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Tyler Hoover Net Worth: How Rich is Hoovies Garage Owner? He takes on patients that are turned down by other surgeons and are considered inoperable by them. Dr. Now is currently worth $4 million.

The doctor did not reveal the exact figure of his salary, but a surgeon earns an average salary of $275 thousand per annum.

He effectively completed his 4-year surgical residency at Tennessee’s St. Thomas hospital. Nowadays, Delores goes by the name McRedmond. This is done by Dr. Now for two reasons. Dr. Nowzaradan is amongst the top-class … Marie Yovanovitch Net Worth: How Rich is Marie Yovanovitch Actually? Dr. Nowzaradan’s net worth. Dr. Nowzaradan, in 1975, married to Delores Nowzaradan who was involved in clerical work.

Vegas Dave Net Worth: How Rich is David Oancea Worth Actually? Now”. His medical work is the primary source of income, whereas he collects a hefty amount of money from his television career and book. He is making his appearance on numerous of seasons of the same show which is causing a surge in his net worth every year.


She was a secretary in an office beforehand but set her attention towards managing the couple’s home after they tied the knot.

Although the conjugal life of Younan and Delores lasted for 29 years, in reality, the marriage was in chaos in the final years. The other major source of income is the T.V. Dr. Now has a total experience of more than 30 years in surgery after completing the residency. Required fields are marked *. Although he suffered a setback in the divorce settlement and lost 70% of his assets to the ex-wife, Dr. Nowzaradan has recovered and achieved a lot since then both in terms of money and fame.

These are the Top 50 Richest Authors. He is making his appearance on numerous of seasons of the same show which is causing a surge in his net worth every year. His net worth is $3 million. Dr. Now also had two more daughters after Jonathan. Nowzaradan later immigrated to the United States. During this time of togetherness, Dr. Nowzaradan, along with his wife Delores, produced three children viz. Thanks for the correction, Heather. Most of the patients are required to lose a significant amount of weight before they get under the surgical knife. More than 30 years of experience in Bariatric and more than 18 years’ experience in laparoscopic surgery.

Dr. Nowzaradan Net Worth. He made his debut in the show in the first season in 2012. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. He initially creates a customized diet plan to be utilized before and after the surgery.

Dr Nowzaradan is an American gastric bypass surgeon who appeared in TLC’s docu-series My 600-Lb Life.


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