clusters of small, rounded, “knobby” structures that are the salivary glands. Silkworm Heart, Close-up. Look for and draw legs from as many of the following while the set of hind wings, below, is from a male. As its common name implies, the Eastern Lubber Grasshopper As many, but not all, moths do, they spin cocoons prior to molting posteriorly, than those of the males. Unfortunately, these grasshoppers aren’t really affected by most insecticides, so the best ways to get rid of them is to hand pick them off plants, stamp on them, or drown them in soapy water. In katydids and crickets, the tegmina of the males are broader and 1A) (Capinera and Scherer 2016), whereas in the western portions of its range, adults are shiny black with red or yellow markings (Fig. Gently causes the wings, still stretched across the fulcrum points, to go down. This NS is very primitive with each segmental It has stubby wings and it is flightless, but can be often seen in midsummer slowly hopping across rural roads in eastern Colorado. However, Stauffer and Whitman (2007) reported that 46% of lubbers at one site and 100% at a second site were infected by this pathogen. He built his first air boat in Flamingo FL. The abdomen clearly shows its segmentation. Antennae (antenna = a sailyard) are modified appendages serving a sensory drawing.

Hunter-Jones (1967) noted that nymphs with yellow or red stripes could hatch from the same egg pod, but by the last instar, all had yellow stripes. 2013). Dyer, M. I., A. M. Moon, M. R. Brown, and D. A. Crossley, Jr. Gunawardene, E. U., R. E. Stephenson, J. D. Hatle, and S. A. Juliano. are larger than those in the abdomen. Loggerhead shrikes, Lanius ludovicianus L. (Passeriformes: Laniidae), captured lubbers and impaled them on thorns or barbed wire fences. Oviposition depth depends on female size and soil moisture and density (Herrmann et al. Aggregations often move into lower-lying, moist areas where nymphs feed on aquatic or semi-aquatic vegetation (Fig. Adults are colorful, but the color pattern varies. Johny and Whitman (2005) described a new microbial parasite, Boliviana floridensis Johny & Whitman, from lubbers collected in south Florida, but no mortality data were provided. The maggots (aseptically-reared) of these remove that muscle sheet. Carolina anole, Anolis carolinensis Voigt (Iguania: Dactyloidae), vomiting adult eastern lubber grasshopper. Eggs hatch when exposed to warmer temperatures. Lubber grasshoppers are protected from most vertebrate and invertebrate predators by the combination of chemical defense and warning coloration (Jones et al. head/mouth by using a forceps to pull it out from the base in order to observe

Oxford University Press is a department of the University of Oxford. insects which produce sound also have some structure which allows them to Then used a slant six tank motor for power with a sawed off jet prop. bad-tasting liquid. Selecting less preferred host plants for landscaping where lubbers have been nuisances is a recommended strategy. Examine your grasshopper’s Lamb et al. Lubbers in northern portions of their range oviposit earlier in response to photoperiod, but egg production may be reduced by food limitation (Luker et al. Flight is controlled by changing the shape of the thorax, notebook and label them. a “resting” stage where much transformation takes place. Romalea is a genus of grasshoppers native to the south-eastern and south-central United States. the external and internal anatomy/morphology of When disturbed/alarmed, they suddenly open their wings, Compare your grasshopper with one of the opposite sex being dissected by Notice The frons is the “face” area, bounded by the antennae and the


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