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I love that this recipe uses so many fresh herbs to brighten the flavor of the salad. This Mexican-inspired meal offers all the goodness of cheesy chicken enchiladas with half the effort. #CookBlogShare, Thanks Monika! Follow the exact instructions in the recipe. Let them help you make this recipe!

This refreshing dinner is perfect for a warm or humid evening. Leftovers are a thing of beauty and roast chicken is one of the most versatile ingredients there is, lending depth of flavour to anything you cook. You've been warned: packed with crunchy vegetables and a tangy yogurt sauce, these chicken sandwiches can definitely make a mess—but the taste is worth it. Or take a vacation without leaving your kitchen with a chicken leftover dish inspired by flavors around the world. Follow me on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Here you'll find simple and delicious recipes that you can make in 30 minutes or less. Instead of shaping and steaming tamales, toss all of the ingredients into a sheet pan and pop it in the oven. Try these flavoursome chicken & bean enchiladas for a speedy, cheesy supper. If you boil the leftover carcass to make stock, it’ll be even better.

Relying on leftover chicken (or a fresh rotisserie from the grocery store), this rice bowl is very weeknight-dinner friendly. And adding leftover chicken really makes it a satisfying meal.

And thanks for sharing your Grandma’s recipe!

Take a look at our leftover chicken recipe collection for even more pocket-friendly midweek meals. Frugal cooking at its finest.

Crisp broccoli and flavorful red pepper accentuate the starchy rice. Creamy cheese and juicy chicken are smothered in zesty ranch for an incredible three-flavor punch. The health benefits of this recipe cannot be ignored. Total time using leftovers: 30 minutes Use 400g/14oz leftover roast chicken, serves 4, Get the recipe => Ham, Pea and Sprout Risotto How to adapt using leftovers: For leftover chicken risotto, simply use leftover chicken instead of leftover ham. It’s as pretty as it is tasty! Biryani has such a unique flavor, and this recipe nails it! Read More…, 4 Romantic Recipes for Valentine’s Day and #CookBlogShare Week 6 ».

Bulk up your wraps with tinned kidney beans, sweetcorn and your favourite fresh veg. This easy quesadilla features grated Monterey Jack cheese and chicken. Any dish with oodles of noodles and juicy king prawns is a winner in our book. Go for a rustic chicken soup with a dose of garlic, a smattering of thyme and a cheesy scone on the side. By adding chicken, it turns this dish from a side into a meal anyone will enjoy. There is something semi-magical that happens in that oven when chicken is roasted.

Copyright © 2020 InsanelyGoodRecipes.com - Quick & Easy Recipes Otherwise follow the recipe exactly as written. In any case it’s a real winter warmer and sure to become a family favourite. Use leftover chicken and boxed broth to quickly whip up a steaming pot of comfort food. Quickly broiling the vegetables boosts their flavor. This cold noodle salad is infinitely adaptable. Thanks for sharing with #CookOnceEatTwice x, Thanks Corina I am also disappointed when there’s no leftovers!! Trust me, you will need it! Our chicken & mushroom hot-pot is a wholesome, family-friendly dish that uses whatever vegetables you have in the back of the fridge along with the leftover chicken, plus fresh button mushrooms. That’s such a great way of getting the full value out of the chicken, not to mention being way tastier than shop-bought stock!! New! In the cooler months, nothing says cozy like a big pot of chili. It’s all about the aromatics, though. Dress your chicken up with crisp broccoli slaw and your favorite Thai-inspired toppings for a mid-day treat.

We love the creamy, savory miso dressing on this crunchy salad. We also participate in affiliate programs with Thrive Market, Shareasale, and other sites. Be the talk of the tailgate with this leftover chicken recipe. And homemade pizza is so much fun! The best part of this recipe is that it comes together in one pot!

Then you need to check out these 12 Easy Leftover Roast Chicken Recipes…from chicken curry to chicken fried rice, chicken pasta to chicken stew – there’s so many things you can do with leftover roast chicken! An easy, throw together salad that uses up leftover roast chicken. It’s so much cheaper, not to mention quicker and easier, to cook up a whole chicken at the weekend and then use the leftovers to create delicious easy midweek meals. Love that you make stock with the carcass too. Never freeze cooked chicken more than once.

Follow the exact instructions in the recipe. Here are some miraculous ways to make that chicken … The ginger sauce provides traditional Asian-inspired tones to pull the ingredients together. You’ve made a delicious roast chicken, but now you have heaps of leftovers and want to turn them into a quick and easy midweek meal that tastes awesome? No votes so far! In fact, I’m disappointed if everyone is super hungry when we have roast dinner and there’s not quite enough to make a whole meal for us all the next day! Bake it in a skillet to give the whole dish an impressive look. Who doesn’t love pizza? Total time using leftovers: 25 minutes Use 500g/18oz leftover roast chicken, serves 4, Get the recipe => Moroccan Turkey Filo Pie How to adapt using leftovers: For a Moroccan chicken filo pie, simply use leftover chicken instead of leftover turkey. These spicy tostadas use chorizo and chicken. Crispy fried onions finish this casserole, providing a much-needed crunch and golden brown top layer. Ad Choices, 37 Leftover Chicken Recipes to Try This Year.


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