This war took place in Greece and, unpredictable turbulence. The Plateans were very happy under the Athenian rule. The war began in 431 BC and lasted until 404 BC. More.. What Are The Cause And Effect Of The Peloponnesian Wars . was home to the city-states of Sparta and Athens. Its two conflicting forces were the Peloponnesian League, which was headed by the city-state Sparta, and the Delian League, which was headed city-state of Athens. [5]  These men could be hired for valuable flaking maneuvers all the way through the ranks from light infantry to generals. The first damage to the truce came in the year 433 BC. Fought between the allies of Sparta and the empire of Athens, the crippling Peloponnesian War paved the way for the Macedonian takeover of Greece by Philip II of Macedon and, following that, Alexander the Great's empire. This was considered to be the first breach of agreement between Corcyra and Athens. Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. In 431 BCE a tragic war began, the Peloponnesian War. In the year 435 BC, Epidamus requested Corcyra to send military aid, a request that was not fulfilled. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. The peloponnesian war between these two states evolved out of a string of events that would lead to years of conflict. Â.      Ancient Greece during the 4th century B.C. Peloponnesian war took place between 431 and 404 B.C. Class What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Using Teaching And Study? However, there were a small number of enemies present. However, there has been only one which changed the course of Greek history forever; the Peloponnesian War. If we were to examine each war including today’s possible threats and list their causes we would be able to recognize the familiar patterns.

Athens also had a trade rival and that was Corinth. Sparta featured a strong year-round army of hoplites that was adept at fighting on land. The Peloponnesian War: Overview, Outcome, and Effects

It became a very strong trading power because it was located next to the Mediterranean Sea, so they also had a Mediterranean, Peloponessian War Sparta, however, being more powerful won the war and Athens was defeated. The Corinthian's protested to this alliance, but Athens was in favor of it. The authors, of course, have their own aims and reasons for writing their works, Plato, writing an allegory on love likely to defend his teacher Socrates, and Thucydides, to inform on what he believes to be the most significant war in history. E What effect did the Peloponnesian War have on democracy?

I believe the peloponnesian war evolved, Throughout the Ancient Greek world, there have been many wars and standoffs. Athens wanted this because they did not want to have any more problems from their allies. Peloponnesian War refers to the war fought between Athens and Sparta's Peloponnesian League. The Peloponnesian war had lasting, traumatic effects for Greek society, breaking any chance of a unified Greek state that could stand together against invaders, which ultimately left the door open for Macedonian control. Corinth maintained colonies, such as Corcyra and Epidamus. While the Greek city states of Sparta and Athens had demonstrated that they could, in fact, work together to defeat the Persians… Epidamus requested Corinth for assistance and, therefore, led to their own colonization. It ended democracy in Athens when Sparta replaced it with an oligarchy. ( Log Out /  This led to a series of incidents thereafter.


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