Countries who are part of the HRE may attempt to influence the seven primary electors in the hopes of being elected as the new emperor when the current one dies. Je pense profiter de l'occasion.

Ca fonctionne toujours le truc où on lui pique une région, puis on la vassalise diplomatiquement ?

No articles were found matching the criteria specified. Liberating territory from a non-HRE member that controls HRE territory will not allow for the emperor to demand it. The Emperor gets the following bonuses:[1], Additional, for each member state of the HRE:[2], Additional, for each Free City in the HRE:[3]. PS5 : sortie, prix, jeux, puissance, manette, design. Castille a aussi fini par me déclarer en rival ainsi que l'Autriche. Appointing an elector gives a +50 relations boost with the new elector. An Italian country is considered under control for Shadow Kingdom incident if it has lost any war against the emperor, or it is allied to the emperor, or it has an opinion of 150 toward the emperor, or it is a subject of the emperor, or it is a free city. C'est toujours un bon plan de vassaliser la bretagne pour profiter de sa tendance à coloniser ? If you thought the vanilla trade of Europa Universalis IV is too limited and want some more routes, here is for you the Thieving Bastard's Trade Mod... No mods were found matching the criteria specified. Suivez la soirée CIC Esport Business le 25 novembre ! The second reason is a bit more strategic. Armies of the Roman Empire:Roman Unit pack Western Edition.

AI electors weight candidates according to the following criteria (non-exhaustive list), although an AI elector with the backing of another elector will vote for itself regardless, as will an elector with a "strategic interest [in] becoming emperor" (although the conditions for this are not explicitly stated).

The Emperor needs at least 50 Authority to pass a reform and the consensus of at least half of the members of the Empire.

- Avec qui avez-vous réussi à le former? Le truc de prendre une province à un pays pour le vassaliser diplomatiquement ensuite ne fonctionne plus : on ne peut plus annexer diplomatiquement un pays dont une possède un core. A prince's decision to support a reform is largely based on their opinion of the emperor, the amount of imperial authority and the emperor's diplomatic reputation. Je suis allié au Portugal et à la Castille depuis le début, mais il va falloir que je les bouffe. Each of them can be clicked on, which will bring up the diplomatic interface to examine and interact with that nation. Imperial authority is used to pass reforms within the Empire and perform certain Emperor actions. You didn't forget about your birthland and soon it will be yours. A nation that feels Threatened by the Emperor will have a +20 modifier to becoming a Free City, so that they can have guaranteed Imperial protection. Free Cities cannot be Electors.

Tu peux t'attaquer à l'Autriche dans 100 ans sans soucis. Hey, Xangelo, what happened with your Eastern Edition of the Roman Empire?? Join now to share your own content, we welcome creators and consumers alike and look forward to your comments. To offer Free City status to a nation, these requirements must be met: If a nation qualifies, other factors such as diplomatic reputation, trust, and government type will affect the offer of becoming a Free City. In particular, Republics are much more willing to become Free Cities than Monarchies or Theocracies. These are the non-electoral states that begin the campaign in 1444 as part of the Empire (Though Italian princes (marked in Bold) will leave should the Emperor choose to let go of Italy during the "Shadow Kingdom" Imperial Incident. The Holy Roman Emperor has various powers at his disposal and a great deal of responsibility to maintaining and protecting the Imperial territorial, religious, and cultural status quo. Unlike in EU3, the Emperor can see how the members of the Imperial Diet will vote before calling for the reform by hovering over the reform button, and why they support or oppose by hovering over the shields of each imperial prince. Once it does decide to join it will do so as soon as it meets the relations requirements and can add its capital. Tu peux voir leurs idées nationales ici : The Free City is no longer a part of the Holy Roman Empire, be it because it left the Empire, the Empire is dismantled, or the Emperor passes the second to last reform and the city refuses to become a vassal. Ensuite je me suis allié avec l'ulster (que j'ai vassalisé peu après). Succeeding to liberate the prince will result in an imperial authority bonus. If the Emperor releases a vassal within HRE territory as an Imperial Prince, the newly released vassal will not count towards diplomatic upkeep either. The Emperor is the leader of the Holy Roman Empire, tasked with defending and maintaining the sovereignty of member states. The Emperor may go to war with a country in order to remove the electorate from them if they follow a heretical denomination; with Common Sense, he can simply revoke the electorate instead (and can't go to war to do it). The Holy Roman Empire (HRE) is a unique political structure in the game, made up of numerous variously-sized states of the Germanic region and northern Italian Peninsula in Europe. Since a nation is a member of the HRE if and only if its capital province is in the HRE, it is possible to join the empire by adding the capital province to the HRE according to the rules described above, which for non-members require the country to either be the Emperor or have sufficiently low total development (200 or less; regardless of culture) and good relations with the Emperor. Whether an Elector is counted as "independent" is not determined by whether they are independent or subject nations. Le 20 septembre 2018 à 23:27:20 a6k a écrit : Hungary's membership would damage the Empire. Please help with verifying or updating this infobox. ): Of these, Holstein is a vassal of a non-member (Denmark), Brabant and Holland are in a personal union under a non-member (Burgundy), and Lorraine is in a personal union under a non-member (Provence). They will not assign a nation of a different religion to be an elector.

A member state who is not the Emperor may leave at any time if it is at peace (using the HRE interface).

Princes (i.e. Before the reform, each vassal's liberty desire reflects the combined strength of all vassals, in or out the HRE.


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