Afterward, you can create promo materials for the next event, educational materials (on YouTube or paid learning platforms), or clips for social. Better to have sustained engagement on one platform where your audience is active, than spotty engagement on several platforms. Here’s an example of a conference list created for HubSpot’s 2014 conference for inbound marketers with over 2,700 list members.

Display your hashtag as a Twitter feed on your website and event landing page. Choose whatever platforms make sense for your event and the size of your team, and commit to them.

Seamlessly manage and optimize group sales performance across your entire portfolio. Social Tables’ photorealistic 3D rendering takes viewers on a video tour, even before you’re able to collect the video. Social Media is the king of sharing content in both graphical and text format. Your IP: Let’s jump right into our list of the best social media marketing ideas to help you increase engagement and boost sales: 1.

Show people what they can expect to learn from the event by sharing your guest speakers’ expertise through blogs, quotes, and interviews in the months and weeks leading up to your event. Host your video on YouTube and Vimeo (although it has a smaller number of users, Vimeo offers HD playback and no disruptive ads). There are many ways to do this but the simplest is to invite people to share why they want to attend and post on the relevant social network using the event hashtag. Discover bank software developers looking for career-related growth on LinkedIn. Are you inspired to improve your event social media returns? This is a win for all parties: Your speaker/guest/entertainment gets to provide value to their network, their network enjoys a discount to an appealing event, and your event gets more exposure with its target audience. They release images and videos that further excite existing fans, and builds interest among new fans, too. Live video was a big trend in 2016 helping users to attract, engage, entertain and build relationships with their audience in a more authentic way. Though people are already connecting in person during an event, you can amplify and strengthen the connections among participants, remote participants, and event hosts. Advertise ticket scarcity on social—only five VIP tickets left, only ten front-row tickets, only one day left for early-bird pricing. Concentrate your audience research efforts on Facebook if your museum donor demographic is older. 18 Fun Social Media Marketing Ideas to Spice Up Your Social Media Campaigns. They are a great way for people to follow along with your event through a simple search on their social media networks.

Create posts or images flattering to your speaker that they will be happy to share with their network of fans. Facebook also scores well in terms of managing customers and again comes out on top. You don’t have to have all the event details hammered out yet. People love free things so create buzz by giving away some tickets to your event through Facebook, Instagram and Twitter contests.

An all-business seminar needs an informative hashtag, while an energetic event with a bit of personality demands a hashtag with a sparkle in its eyes. 1. 52% of event planners specified that Facebook is the most effective social media channel for event promotion. To create a geofilter, you will need to submit an illustration to Snapchat for review. Facebook has a ton of reach across industries, but you might concentrate on LinkedIn if your event has a business focus.

As the name suggests, smart badges are a clever technology to improve networking. Make it easy to remember and type — many people will be tweeting from a smart phone or tablet. Use the following bonus tips: You have a tech-savvy audience; engage them where they are! Do a Twitter search to find out. Consider organizing a date and time they can test out their online attendance tools with a dry run. Here’s where all that preparation pays off. Get that brief post-event survey onto your attendees’ devices directly after the event, and post a friendly reminder on social about it, too.

Focus your promotional efforts on the top performing social platforms. The key is to set a level of engagement you can keep; don’t go all-out and then stop for a while. Consider using Facebook ads to extend promotional reach. Here are a few more things to consider as you plan how to use social media to sell more tickets. One of the best ways to use video during an event is to get people talking about the conference’s content, both in person and online. Capture the energy and enthusiasm of the event using Facebook Live and Periscope (Twitter’s live-streaming tool). Sharing is caring and also a popular and one of the most recommended post-event promotion ideas. And make sure your ticket sale solution is equally as frictionless on mobile as on desktop: Half of all internet shopping is now from a mobile device. Ask them to submit questions for speakers or teachers.

Another way to prevent getting this page in the future is to use Privacy Pass.

Educational video content from your event has value on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, but be sure to post it to YouTube as well. Video is an engaging way to promote your event in mere moments. A good Twitter chat will move fast, so use a tool like TweetChat to help you manage the chatter.

Once you’ve decided on a hashtag, your next step is to promote it.


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