Some of our Accreditations: Basic Pipefitting Skills is a course designed to familiarize participants with basic techniques for determining piping configurations and dimensions, measuring and cutting pipe, and correctly installing pipe and fittings. A pipe is tubular product of circular cross-section that has specific sizes and thicknesses governed by particular dimensional standard. Given pictures of 3 gaskets, the student will identify the applications of each gasket, to an accuracy of 70%. jacked piping) and are mainly used as plant piping. Identification and use of wire rope slings.

Fabrication, Assembly and Installation (safety precautions, tools, making up a threaded joint, making up a flanged joint, fitting up for welding, installation of valves, fabrication of pipe hangers and allowance for expansion), 5. Take accurate measurements with a six-foot rule and a retractable tape. They are used in “making up” a pipe line. [2�$�+N�~6�b``. Warren, MI 48088, 866.Macomb1 - Toll Free This book is designed for use in an instructor-led program consisting of classroom discussion, demonstration, skill practice and self-study. 25

Use blueprints and drawings to determine piping configurations, dimensions, and fittings required. Jim is married and lives in Middletown, OH and has 4 married children. Our library is the biggest of these that have literally hundreds of thousands of different products represented. ToS

6 Calculate fitting take-off and actual pipe lengths required from both blueprints and existing installations. NY - Engineer (General - NYS Sponsor #133). Given a catalog of pipe nipples, the student will select 3 standard sized nipples, to an accuracy of 70%. endstream endobj 4028 0 obj <. Given pictures of 8 hangers, the student will identify the correct name, to an accuracy of 70%. This book is designed for use in an instructor-led program consisting of classroom discussion, demonstration, skill practice and self-study. Define the terms "plumb," "level," and "square" as they pertain to piping installations. Identify drawing symbols that are used for common welded, screw, and flanged pipe fittings. 2 An assortment of facings, ring joint grooves, and connections are available in flange variations. In order to read or download fundamental of pipe fitting training manual ebook, you need to create a FREE account. Verify materials for a piping installation using a Bill of Materials. Layout (orthographic and isometric sketching, piping symbols, and reading sketches), 3. 79 Changes the size of the pipe such as reducers, reducing tees. Given pictures of fittings, the student will identify the tee, cross, ell, union, and wye, to an accuracy of 70%. I did not agree with all of the statements, the audio did not work, the fitting examples were poor, some questions were poorly written, AK - Plumber, Journeyman (Technical - 16291), CA - Water Operator (Grade T1 and D1) (Technical), CA - Water Operator (Grade T2 and D2) (Technical), CA - Water Operator (Grade T3 and D3) (Technical), CA - Water Operator (T4, T5, D4 and D5) (Technical), Canada - Northwest Territories and Nunavut Engineer (General - ,), FL - Contractor, Certified (General - 0612234), Accreditation: FL DBPR Approved Provider 0001771, FL - Contractor, Pinellas County (General - 0612234), FL - Contractor, Registered (General - 0612234), IL - Engineer, Professional (General - ,), MI - Contractor, Residential Builder and M & A (General).

Pipe Fittings are Piping component that helps in Changes the direction of the flow such as elbows, tees. Areas of expertise include HVAC design, commissioning and qualification, construction administration, and energy cost savings initiatives. ), (

), ( A pipe or a tube is hollow longitudinal product. Vocational Center click Here. They are used as structural components (e.g. ), ( Much of the content was horribly out of date (50+ years old). Express piping measurements correctly orally and in writing. 57 (S), Extra Strong (XS) and Double Extra Strong (XXS). They have the same wall thickness as the mating pipe. Piping is used to transport various process materials 3 Symbols presented and the use of blueprints are both outdated. this is the first one which worked! Fundamentals of Pipe Fitting - Administrative Guide - Course No. Welding may be by Electric resistance, high frequency or induction welding. Given final exam questions, the student will describe the application of cast iron; PVC; CPVC; ABS; types K, L & M copper; black iron; and galvanized and stainless steel pipe, to an accuracy of 70%.


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