A gilded mirror filled up the space between two windows, curtained amply with blue damask. 35. The gilded materials, scrolling and high relief carvings could potentially overwhelm very small foyers. The ringmail underneath was gilded. There seems to be endless jewelled demons, These mostly 20-somethings are a million miles away from, Its lower parts are of white marble, but the upper parts are covered with plates of, The scabbard occasionally had sheets of silver or, The upstairs drawing room is a deep turquoise colour, and its ceiling is studded with, She had it re-framed in a wide black frame with a narrow, It was a large sitting room, covered with, The stoneware piece is made from fired ceramic clay, glazed and, Like the miniature, they were mounted under glass with a, Although mass produced, these clocks were finely if not heavily, A tabletop glows with help from simple arrangements of, Stones of deep red color like glowing carbuncles are let into, It transformed rich black walnut, oak, cherry and other hardwoods into plain, gessoed and, They came to it rather quickly, the largest building in the village that was covered in jewels and, As the story goes, Heron suspected that his crown was not pure gold but. He stopped to evaluate the gilded ornaments. Having the color or quality of gold. A gilded silver twopence might well pass for a gold half-crown to the unwary. Marble terraces and balustrades surround the tank, and a marble causeway leads across the water to the temple, whose gilded walls, roof, dome and cupolas, with vivid touches of red curtains, are reflected in the still water. Bandelier, The Gilded Man (El Dorado), (New York, 1893); H. The best instruments are now constructed for revenue purposes of silver, heavily gilded, because it was found that saccharic acid contained in some spirits attacked brass behind the gilding. Saguaro National Park boasts Many birds, including Gila woodpecker, Several years ago, a couple of yeggs climbed scaffolding and tried to steal the. How to use gilded in a sentence. | Having a falsely pleasant appearance; sugarcoated. Gilded fairy: For a nymph fairy mask, paint a mossy green mask and adorn with delicate flowers and branches.

The gold pocket watch, which featured 24 complications, was the result of a long-standing competition between two magnates of America's Gilded Age. The picture accomplished, the pages are restored to their normal position and the edge, 42. 1 (Boston, 1881); The Gilded Man (El Dorado) and other Papers (New York, 1893); G. to commemorate the victories of 1813-1815; and in the centre of the Kiinigs-platz stands a lofty column in honour of the triumphs of 1864, 1866 and 1870-1871, surmounted by a gilded figure of Victory.

He urged her to sit down on one of the hard, 39. "the gilded one"), a name applied, first, to the king or chief priest of a South American tribe who was said to cover himself with gold dust at a yearly religious festival held near Santa Fe de Bogota; next, to a legendary city called Manoa or Omoa; and lastly, to a mythical country in which gold and precious stones were found in fabulous abundance. How cumberous is the gilded coach! The citadel atop the hill at the center of the city was clearly visible, light reflecting off of it's gilded dome. Fossils are a special type of currency introduced in the delve league that can be socketed into resonators to modify the crafting behavior in specific ways. When Joe inquired about these details, the duke said that, 34. While many people still enjoy tanning, the harmful effects of sun exposure have left many women seeking an alternative for gilded color. It is gilded in gold and looks very grand for this part of the world.

The Classique's case is clear glass and brass gilded with brilliant rhodium or glittering gold plate. Blood from his torn ear was soaking his left epaulette with its tarnished chains and gilded eagle. Accessorize the room with gilded mirrors, watercolor paintings and crystal lamps A traditional parlor can be formal or lived-in. They do not represent the opinions of YourDictionary.com. The Dom contains the castle (first built in the 13th century, rebuilt in 1772), where the provincial administration has its seat, and a cathedral (1894-1900) with five gilded domes. Sentence Examples. The emperor, however, successfully gilded the hook by awarding Algarve, the southern province of Portugal, to Godoy. The main house at Boldt Castle was designed by the popular Gilded Age architectural firm of W.D. If it was a time of science and silks and, 23. His eyes were red-rimmed, their gilded brightness dulled from a sleepless night, and perhaps also from weeping.

Katie cringed at his over the top décor of gilded everything and oriented herself. If you plan on painting the town red with a partner in hand, make sure your choice outfits compliment one another in the same gilded theme. Gilded Hornton stone with declination lines crossing the hour lines to mark the summer solstice and equinoxes. 37. It is made of gilded brass or silver, and consists of a spherical ball A (fig. Winners of each of these go forward to a final at the Gilded balloon at the festival. 49. Katie cringed at his over the top décor of gilded everything and oriented herself. Soon, soon the gilded cage will claim its prize.

He trailed Memon up the stairs and down the main corridor, watching as Memon paused to take in ancient tapestries and evaluate gilded ornaments. covered with a thin layer of gold or a substance that looks like gold: The gilded dome of the cathedral rises above the city.


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