Most people who play PvE, however, hardly find themselves in a speed-running dungeon group.

While using Boons in Hallowed Ground, their duration is increased by 20%. Bordy Putting down several light fields for the purpose of retal isnt something thats needed or wanted in PVE dungeons.

Cooldown: 75 seconds. Thanks for comment. Metas change and develop as the game sees change and adjustment, but eventually developers like myself will get bored of players reciprocating the same idiotic boring habits to overcome obstacles in games using cheesy lame methods and assessing a long term strategy is often times better then trying to stick with the “now”. Always swap your utilities depending on the encounter in order to get through content smoother and faster. 12:00:00. when stacked). Very skeptical… AH is the way to go! These are unique guardian ghostly weapons which unfortunately really need some buffing as in their current state they are most of the time useless and outperformed by other more powerful utility skills. Nov 15, 2015 @ It’s often used while fighting bosses to maintain a blocking rotation. But clearly you want to stay narrowminded and ignorant. It is actually one of the best spirit weapons and has many uses in different dungeon and fractal encounters. Good guide. Hammer and Focus may work as blast finishers before encounters. Aug 26, 2014 @ While guardian is a low health pool class like the Elementalist and the Thief, virtues are there to help endure difficult encounters.

harpies in Uncategorized Fractal; Alphard, Serpent of the Waves in Arah: Mursaat path. Sword is a strong pick after the recent buffs again. I know this doesn’t state that the guide will be for speed running things only but if you looked at any of the others you would have known what sort of content to expect here. 17:10:00, ‘For new players.’ My ass.

If you really need some support, your team should focus on blasting Water Fields to create AoE healing or you might consider getting Tome of Courage for full party wide heal, although I’d recommend (especially for new guardian players) sticking to Renewed Focus. When starting out you can get Exotic versions, but for higher Fractals Ascended gear will help you survive Agony damage thanks to infusion slots. GW2 Guardian PvE Class guide written by Bordy and Bullet Punch of [rT].

If you want to blast a fire field, quickly swap to hammer for Mighty Blow or Focus for Shield of Wrath.

You suggest water fields for AoE healing or Tome of Courage for full party wide heals. Tiki This is a pretty good guide. Shield of Judgement gives a short duration aegis now which can be helpful. The damage on Staff is very low, especially on its autoattack. Signet of Resolve – has a passive effect that removes one condition every 10 seconds from you and a very strong heal of around 8000 on activation. PvE players are sometimes solo, sometimes in huge zergs. It’s a very underrated heal. Regen is better boon to heal, but from the direct group wide heals, empower is the best. Scenario 2, constant DPS. And is it really a bad choice going for lb+gs?

and Ferocity are welcomed if someone wants a more survivable build. Together with the Symbolic Avenger trait, the Hammer deals 10% more damage as your enemies will always stay in your symbols, while healing your allies and granting them protection. This is a very strong greatsword skill. Purging Flames creates a ring of fire that lasts for 5 seconds, burning foes and removing three conditions from allies inside. Also the “Feel My Wrath!” elite Shout grants Quickness and Fury. It also blocks projectiles for 3 seconds.

The Guardian has a few different builds that you can use in various encounters. This skill is very useful as it acts as a stun breaker, removes all conditions from allies and gives you Fury. Despite that, the most important GS skills are on low cooldown, having more then enough dps and no need to go to the second slot. This is something you need be aware of and always check when using the skill. Content updates that add story, rewards & more to the world of GW2 A complete leveling build for the Guild Wars 2 Guardian profession. I wanted to really point it out that the defences Guardian has, are enough for having smooth and quick runs. Sep 13, 2019 @ Aug 28, 2014 @ Signet of Courage replaced Tome of Courage which was a tome that granted you powerful support abilities, but besides that 100% heal had little to offer. In the master slot you want to take Zealot’s Aggression most of the times.

It has a long casting time (4¼) but will heal everyone to 100% health, unaffected by negative healing modifiers such as Poison and Agony.

08:48:00. It is often used for mobility and during skipping to provide party wide blocks. Rune of Scholar’s 10% damage bonus, if maintained for at least a portion of the fight, is the best choice available and is most recommended. By ranging you are unable to share defensive boons with your party members. 15:37:00. What if some people wanted to make real comprehensive PvE guides for Dulfy? + (3000d) =6000hp 19:22:00, Dulfy You can also shoot it 360 degrees arround you which is worth mentioning. Archi Guardians have access to 12 weapons: mace, sword, scepter, focus, shield, torch, greatsword, longbow, hammer, staff, trident and spear. It can be chained with Wall of Reflection and even Sanctuary for longer projectile defence (Wall of Reflection -> Shield of the Avenger -> Wall of Reflection). That won’t change. Virtue of Courage – grants Aegis every forty seconds. With an appropriate arrangement, Guardians can exceed expectations at that, however indeed, the vast majority of the meta GW2 Guardian manufactures adjust this calling to a DPS job that gives them a chance to destroy adversaries. RabidCoqui Altruistic healing is a crutch for new players. Salvage kits come in handy when your inventory gets full. If those shouts give boons as well (and of course they do), that’s a steady stream of Altruistic Healing, should a Guardian have that as well. This is the seventh of a series of GW2 class guides written by members of [rT], a European dungeon speed clearing guild. JLambyG Cooldown: 25 seconds. I do a lot of dungeon pugs and I do switch to scepter/focus for some fights, but for general purpose, I really prefer the staff as my secondary weapon.


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