176. Cymande Miles viewed On The Corner as as his attempt to push the frame even further, and engage with a younger, hipper audience – this was joyful, radical, Afrocentric street music. Using home-built synthesisers and vocoders, Haack follows his loopy run of children’s albums with this deep-fried collection of synthesised acid rock. And from this through until True Stories in 1986, taking in five studio and two live albums, they never put a single foot wrong. (Warner Bros, 1978). Having fronted The Rattles, Germany’s premiere cheeky-chappie beat combo, in the mid-1960s, Achim Reichel somehow found his way to this long, heady, benthic-zone-deep album of early space-rock. Whether playing cradle-snatching pornographer in ‘Persuasion’, gibbering abstractions (‘Convincing People’) or wheezing and roaring mundanities (‘What a Day’), he sounds both utterly distanced and utterly convinced – the perfect perfomer/anti-performer for this ultimate band/anti-band. You just can’t say that about most music, however “canon” it might be. It’s hard to believe that the album was Coltrane’s debut as an organist – her performance throughout is spiky, confident and incredibly influential. - to understand usage via Google Analytics 172. The Clash - London Calling. Longest Span Between First and Last Number 1, Same Title Number 1’s By Two Different Artists, Unique #1 Singles Between Cashbox & Billboard. If you’re the kind of person who prefers an interesting question to a sensible answer, then this record will speak to you.”. side project by brothers Klaus and Thomas Dinger, La Düsseldorf became their focus after Neu! The 100 Best Albums of the 70s [A to Z]. The Specials (1979) – The Specials, 191. “Rumours is the sound of marriages and friendships being put into the grinder and disintegrating right in front of you. Music For 18 Musicians Look, for a moment, at the list of personnel we have on Deluxe – apart from the core trio of Dieter Moebius and Hans-Joachim Roedelius (of Cluster) and Neu! The latter is a tribute to Jim Morrison, while ‘Elegie’ was inspired by Jimi Hendrix; with the pair, Smith rightly anointed herself as their heir. Bob Dylan - Blood on the Tracks. 80. Quavering troubleman music sung straight from the gut. There's a problem loading this menu right now. Thank You For… 37. Die Mensch Maschine (1978) – Kraftwerk. Can Live at Leeds (1970) – The Who Ships from and sold by Amazon.com. Why? (Upsetter, 1973). 96. 144. 129. (United Dairies, 1979). Schwarzwaldfahrt (2-Tone Records, 1979). 6. Are you sure you want to delete your score and checked items on this list? Queen II (1974) – Queen 100 Best-selling Albums of the 70s (Book). And once you let yourself get inside Hissing, you realise it’s not just her masterpiece, but one of the masterpieces of a whole generation. The title track itself is almost as canonized as Mike Oldfield’s similarly eerie ‘Tubular Bells’ (which itself served as the backdrop for The Exorcist) and for damn good reason. But then, somehow, once you do finally break that glossy surface, paradoxically you realise that this IS an immediate album, and also that it’s actually worlds away from any standard fusion noodle or me-generation introspection. 66. I mean that wholeheartedly, and sincerely, and I also include myself in that statement. 48. And then there’s the small matter of ‘Aht Uh Mi Head’, which manages to sound lush and dozy, 64. 145. Instead the sparse electronic sounds float eerily over Holger Trülzsch’s incredible African and Turkish percussion, giving opening side ‘In Den Gärten Pharaos’ an abstract, otherworldly, devotional quality. If it was released today, we’d be hailing the last of the great blues singers; as it is, it’s simply America’s best white voice captured at its absolute peak. Back Stabbers (1972) – The O’Jays 1. I asked if she felt her work and ideas had been an influence on her husband John Coltrane, noting the stylistic shift when she joined the Coltrane Quartet. 154. We don’t share your credit card details with third-party sellers, and we don’t sell your information to others. It was a shock to the system then when Zuckerzeit appeared, kicking off with ‘Hollywood’, a chirpy electronic nursery rhyme not a million miles from what you might have expected to hear from Kraftwerk or even Neu! (Impulse!, 1971). To mark the band’s Virgin record deal, one of the label’s technicians put together a series of tracks culled from the band’s private recording sessions, and engineered it into a quirky audio collage. It’s a set of performers who all manage to transport themselves to the same cosmic plane as Coltrane, and while her harp and organ lead the recordings with vigorous virtuosity, each supporting sound appears to mirror her energy and unbridled passion. 63. Blood On The Tracks (1975) – Bob Dylan 62. Loaded (1970) – The Velvet Underground 152. It’s easy to miss the quality at first because of this – the big single from it, ‘Together we are Beautiful’, is such a wisp of disco gossamer it’s barely there*, and there are tracks that border on the Eurovision, so shameless is their synthetic cheese-whizz. I’ll also state, this is probably the best recorded, excruciatingly exact record you will ever hear in your life. 114. To accompany the list, our team have curated and recorded five mixes, featuring material from all the records on the rundown. Unlike the socks adorning the cover of each of their classic first three albums, the Cambridge group don’t fit happily in any particular drawer. Propulsive, funky, somatic – and fizzing with righteous anger. To simplify, I’ll steal a line from a comedian I heard in Berlin, talking about Berlin, (though I’m sure it’s been said before elsewhere), “So many artists, so little art”. The debt that the modern dance floor owes the pounding abstractions of On The Corner has yet to be fully understood. broke down beyond repair in 1975 (several tracks on the group’s last album are actually performed as Neu!-La Düsseldorf).


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