You can help them by creating a ready-made home. They are well-equipped to deal with the cold weather, even with Arctic temperatures.

Make sure that there is plenty of long grass around for them to hunt in and, for frogs, a pond or ditch nearby. Amphibians and reptiles like frogs, toads, newts, lizards and snakes are regular visitors to gardens, especially those with log piles, sunny spots, ponds, bogs and compost heaps. These frozen peepers and wood frogs might look dead; their hearts have actually stopped beating. Other frogs, such as the wood frog and the spring peeper, aren’t good diggers and so must scout out their winter homes in deep cracks and crevices in logs or rocks, or they might dig down into the leaf litter. Ice crystals form in their organs and body cavity, but a high concentration of glucose in the frogs’ vital organs prevents freezing.

Cover the pile with soil (to about 50cm high). We humans (at least in the northeast U.S.) are preparing for winter.

Because aquatic frogs need oxygen, they lie just above the mud, or only partially buried in the mud, so they are near the oxygen-rich water. When spring arrives, it wakes up and leaves the hibernaculum, immediately ready for mating and eating. Yesterday while shopping at the mall, I noticed that some stores had already begun putting up holiday decorations.

Toads and some frogs will dig themselves into soft ground to spend the winter hibernating. But the partially frozen frogs aren’t dead.

Winter is Coming: How Do Frogs Avoid Freezing? Most of the information from the post came from an article in Scientific American, Frog and Amphibian Education with Art Curriculum, Save The Frogs Day 2014 with Mayor Steven Fulop of Jersey City for the Green Dream International Exhibition, Frog Posters, Environmental Posters and Earth Day Posters, Jersey City Earth Day Celebration – City Hall, 2020 Kids Art Contest – A Healthy Planet Earth.

It isn’t fully understood if frogs have an instinctual drive to select the safest location for a hibernaculum. Froglife is a UK wildlife charity committed to the conservation of amphibians and reptiles - working with people, enhancing lives together for a healthier planet. It may simply be a matter of chance or natural selection.

As you go about preparing for winter, think of the frogs with their amazing adaptations for survival, safe in their winter homes, waiting for spring.

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But what about our amphibian friends?

Frogs and other amphibians are a familiar and much-loved visitor to our garden ponds.

Frogs must dig their hibernaculum below the frost line, otherwise, they may not survive overwintering within it. %PDF-1.4

The common frog especially, is a regular inhabitant of our garden water features and many of us enjoy watching the cycle of their lives unfold, from spawn to tadpole, to fully grown frog.. Other amphibians that you might be lucky enough to find in your pond include:

stream %�쏢 Learn about Kent's wildlife and the ways you can help it thrive.

The idea of using sand in the drain pipes at the bottom of the hibernaculum is great - 20/10 marks for that one!

In a sunny spot, dig a hole about 50cm deep and 1.5 metres across. Here’s a video from YouTube about the hibernation of a wood frog. When spring approaches and its hibernaculum warms up above freezing, a frog’s frozen body will thaw, and it will come back to life.

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