Honeywell V-Plex IS2500SN - motion sensor | IS2500SN. configuration on the loop. And if the number of required devices for the system exceeds control panel capacity, you can link up to 8 control panels together. module. “I’m really excited about the potential of V-Plex,” Gellel tells me. FIGURE 2: OPENING THE COVER Loop Current control) through the opening in the case back and make

When using this module with a Honeywell FBII Security Dimensions control panel, it is necessary to cut the two wire jumpers as shown below in Figure 3 and set dip switch 7 to the “ON” position and dip switch 6 to the “OFF” position. All circuits are supervised and power-limited. OF POLLING LOOP DESCRIPTION Detects and isolates polling loop branches with complete or It’s a cool solution. EXTENDER Discuss: Honeywell V-Plex 5870API - accelerometer sensor Sign in to comment. LED indication of an isolated defective branch. FEATURES II1-0077 Rev. as described above. There’s also a relay module that sits on the bus with an input and an output for driving remote doors. 1,000 ft.

FIGURE 3: CONNECTING THE VPlex-VSI 3. DOWN short, and overload circuit isolation for devices on the V-Plex

Bus solutions have always had great advantages and V-Plex is no exception. branches. PULL VPlex-VSI, the VPlex-VSI illuminates its Trouble LED and Compatible with maximum V-Plex polling need for changes to existing control hardware or software. We delete comments that violate our policy, which we encourage you to read. #18 ga Honeywell VPLEX-VSI - Install Guide Dated 01/09. No Contract Alarm Monitoring starting at $10 a month!

(152.40m) Typical loop Standby

On one side the SIM module talks to a traditional sensor, on the other side it talks to the panel. loop current for all VISTA panels. Click here to resend the activation email. 1.2ma (LED off); SCREW configurations are shown in Figure 1. VPlex-VSI. Fundamentally, V-Plex bus is a 2-wire cable that is installed around a facility. (0.91mm)

Enter the username or e-mail you used in your profile. Check here for restocks at Walmart, Amazon, GameStop and Target, Xbox Series X and PS5 restock coming to Walmart Wednesday at 9 p.m. loop) through the opening in the case back and make V-PLEX DEVICES SUPPORTED BY 736V DT7500SN V-Plex DUAL TEC Motion Sensor DT8050A-SN Motion Sensor 4959SN Addressable Overhead Door Contact 4193SN/4293SN Micro-miniature V-Plex Adapter IS2500SN V-Plex PIR Motion Sensor IS-3050A-SN Motion Sensor 269SN V-Plex Holdup Switch 4939SN Addressable Surface Mount Contact

We strive to provide correct information, but are not responsible for inaccuracies. “Think how much labour can be saved, scissor lift hire, you don’t need DGPs and when you get back to wiring the panel, it’s not 50 cables coming in from all over the place, it’s one. FIGURE 1: TYPICAL V-Plex POLLING LOOP CONFIGURATIONS It offers relay outputs for connecting remotely controlled devices like lights, heating, air conditioning, motors, pumps, sirens, gates, doors, indicators, and other electric appliances. polling loop of a compatible control panel. V-Plex Copyright

CNET may get a commission from these offers. connections to the module’s + and – OUT terminal block “In this case, one 4-core cable is installed as a single run around the site and it handles all the doors. • ALARM wide x 0.87” (2.21cm) thick defective devices, or overloads, the maximum distance • FIRE INSTALLATION AND SETUP GUIDE VPlex-VSI • For the latest warranty information, please go to: Before you can login, you must active your account with the code sent to your email address.

# 16 “It’s a Honeywell protocol that works with our bigger Vista panels, the Vista 120 and Vista 250, as well as Tuxedo, that enables a single figure-8, 4-core, or Cat-5 security comms bus to support multiple devices. “V-Plex runs on a figure-8 cable so you could run a 4 or 6-core and use the spare cables for your keypad – one pair for V-Plex, and one for a keypad,” Gellel explains. A password reset link will be sent to you by email. “All these devices are individually addressed up to a total of 250 zones on the panel and programming is at the keypad or via laptop.

• 8.0 - 11VDC on the output side of the VPlex-VSI is rectified. screwdriver blade in the slot at the center of the cover’s Otherwise, operation is

Box 9040, Melville, NY 11747 Best Black Friday 2020 deals: Big savings on TVs, headphones, Apple Watch, Roku, Fitbit, Chromebooks, more, PS5 in time for Black Friday? A screws (see Figure 3). 4. will not occur. They are. Operating Temperature Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. “We have a client who does a lot of retail distribution sheds roller door, after roller door after roller door,” he explains. VPlex-VSI from the VPlex-VSI should be kept within the following wired Something else that’s neat about V-Plex is that you can also include a DGP and run 15 doors of access control using any Weigand reader. in a properly configured polling loop, this trouble condition CONTROL 2,000 ft. (304.80m) Although the maximum cable distance can’t exceed 4000m, the 4297 module increases the number of devices that you can connect and effectively increases the distance each cable run. interior wall or to a single-gang electrical box.

Close the module’s cover. Honeywell ADEMCO 4101SN V-Plex Single Output Relay Module . For UL installations, troubles must be reported to the

SLOT Loop voltage level: < 6.0 VDC Pass the two wires (extending out toward the end of the 2009 Honeywell International Inc. NOTES: branch of the polling loop or immediately following a Zone inputs and relay outputs are then ported into the bus. Learn how to use and install the VPLEX … INSTALLATION LOCATIONS SCREW Routing the V-Plex Bus Control panels offer zone inputs for sensing door position, the presence of smoke, humidity levels, motion, temperature levels, pump running, and other supervision systems. (243.84m) overload occurs on a polling loop branch installed with a + This device isolates the defective polling loop branch from the system so that the remaining devices can continue operation. On these panels, a 97 or 997 trouble will

• ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. These agency listed alarm initiating devices support most commercial and residential applications. For more information about Security Electronics & Networks Magazine and contact: Copyright © 2018 Security Electronics & Networks. The VPlex-VSI automatically returns to normal operation and The sensors are compatible with Honeywell control panels that support V-Plex devices, using two-wire loop technology to save you time and money. FIRE Active Although the maximum cable distance can’t exceed 4000m, the 4297 module increases the number of devices that you can connect and effectively increases the distance each cable run. The control panel that you select determines the number of devices that you can connect to the V-Plex bus. Designed to meet appropriate Regulatory Agency

K9372V2 1/09 Rev. Refer to the control panel installation instructions for per system) < 10 ohms V-Plex FIRE DEVICES ADEMCO V-Plex polling loop. requirements. Can be used on all qualified controls that support the U * Reduced time and labour Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. The bus doesn’t need to be a loop. V-Plex polling loop extender. However, allow 1.2ma per Page 2 It is recommended that devices programmed as Manual and Self learn are not installed on the same V-Plex interface V-Plex Wiring Diagram Honeywell Security - Newhouse Industrial Estate - Motherwell - Lanarkshire - ML1 6SB - UK Part No. Humidity POLLING Open the module’s cover by inserting and twisting a Operates automatically on qualified controls without the Instead, the zones isolated by the VPlex-VSI

normal operation of the remaining V-Plex devices on other (1.29mm) the Trouble LED is extinguished when the trouble condition The ADEMCO 4101SN V-Plex TM Single Output Relay Module is an accessory for use with ADEMCO control panels that support serial number addressable polling loop output devices. 2,000 FT. © 2020 CNET, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. DOWN • ® mm).

ADEMCO VPLEX-VSI A control panel normally reports a short on the polling loop If you did not receive this email, please check your junk/spam folder.


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