Celery takes a long time to mature: 130 to 140 days. The small yellow leaves in the middle of the base will begin to grow and turn a dark green. Sometimes gardeners with a long growing season raise a second crop in fall by starting seeds indoors in May or June and tucking transplants into the garden in June or July. This scrappy little guy grew into a full-size, deeply flavorful celery plant with long stalks and large leaves. With this crop, it's … Celery must be planned carefully, because it takes so long to grow to maturity from seed and then you get a large crop all at one time. Watch the Celery Grow. I have to tell you, it's just so satisfying to regrow something I used to throw away. Growing celery from the base of the stalks is a fun, easy garden project that produces fast results. How crazy is that? Celery needs a long period (3 months) of cool temperatures (60 to 70 degrees F) for optimal quality. The plant will grow new stalks until it goes to seed, so expect to keep harvesting celery well into the spring. The plant will regenerate after about 5 to 7 days. I harvest stalks by snapping off the outer ribs and letting the inside grow. There are two ways to do it: using just water in a container or planting the base in potting soil. You might get more leaves than stalks when growing celery from its base, and your celery might not be as big as a store-bought bunch. 3. I’m actually not sure how long the celery would continue to grow in just water, I’ve always put it in soil after at around 20 days figuring it must need nutrients at some point.

Change out the water every day or so. Place the celery bowl on a sunny windowsill or near a window. I also harvest leaves to use in salads, soups, etc. Temperatures above 80 degrees F may make it … After about 20 days, take the celery out of the water, strip off some of the yucky outer layers that don’t have any growth and plant the celery in a pot of soil.


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