When the time is right, catnip seeds will begin to germinate. Plant Spacing. If you do want to repot a smaller catnip, go up one pot size and use fresh soil, being careful not to damage the roots. Basically, you can crop almost to the bottom of the stem. https://herbswithin.com/author/jad-daou699/. Remember, in no case should you go for cheap soil brands full of pests and diseases. Despite frequent waterings during the hottest weather, I have a feeling that catnip needs to be in the ground, and in a space where its roots can spread far and wide. The ideal length of a mature catnip cutting is around 4-6 (10-15) inches tall. in case there’s no need for that. Water, water water! Unfrozen seeds may take longer to germinate. If your plant goes into flower, snip off the flower buds to encourage stronger and better leaf growth. Purchase small live plants at your local pet store. Propagation. Cut stems down near the center for a fuller plant. Something like 0.3% of any weight of dried catnip can be extracted.

While in one sense this has been a great disappointment to me, because I love watching cats react.

Catnip grows to a height of three or four feet, and features downy, light green foliage with small lavender flowers that grow on spikes up to five inches long. As soon as you remove a bloom, the plant immediately replaces it. The potting soil has a limited quantity of nutrients that the plant will ultimately use up. Repot Your crop has to attract the bees, even as a home gardener, and catnip will do that for you. I have witnessed this happening around my own garden. And yet, it repels other insects. Just pick off a bit of stem that is at least 2” high, remove the lower leaves, and place in water. Neither of them react at all to catnip. I also planted a couple in a dry border next to a stone wall that got partial sun, and I didn’t water them. It's aroma increases when grown in sandy soil or via the hydroponic method. When plants reach five inches tall, thin so that they stand 12 to 18 inches apart. Don’t forget to trim and clip them for optimal growth. you buy the seeds, stratify them before sowing.

Catnip can be susceptible to whitefly and spider mites but has minimal disease issues. Your information is kept private and not shared or sold. Pot in quick-draining soil to discourage root rot. Indoors, it can be successfully grown on a sunny windowsill, providing you give it enough water and remember to pinch out the flowers to encourage leaf growth. Harvest To Table Indoor catnip will not have the same potency as outdoor catnip, but your cats will still like it plenty. If the levels of moisture Since bees love catnip, the plant acts as an excellent pollinator. From seed. Catnip is a lovely, beautiful, and invigorating plant. catnip. Have an oscillating fan gently stir seedlings for at least 2 hours per day to stimulate a more compact, and sturdier plant habit. Catnip is a drought-tolerant herb that requires moderate amounts of water for optimal growth. I founded HerbsWithin.com in 2019 to share my knowledge in indoor gardening with passionate home growers. The web is uncertain whether it needs a cold period or not, but suggests that they should spend at least a day in a freezer before trying to germinate them.

But when they grow and it becomes a power struggle for space, the catnip wins.

While it is considered by many to be a weed, and a potentially invasive one at that, others see it as as a cash crop or as an excellent pollinator for them. How to Store Fresh Sage: Quick, Effective, and Easy Ways! Commercial growers choose that narrow time between full seed head development and leaf death. That said, scientists are very interested in the product, because according to their own research, pure catnip essential oil is more potent than DEET at repelling mosquitoes under laboratory conditions.

The shallowness of the soil in a container restrains it from storing water for long periods of time. Bit by bit, the whites of their flowers drop off as seed heads develop, and pollinators continue to show a keen interest. In case you can’t find a window that provides your herb with the minimum amount of light, use a grow light to fill the deficit. You can then transfer your Keep catnip safe from cats by enclosing plants in a sturdy chicken-wire cage until well established.

If you had them as houseplants, you’ll realize just how you held them back, because their growth outside will be phenomenal by comparison. Cut out last years spent stems in early spring, which creates room for new ones. You can harvest their leaves at any time, and some people recommend harvesting the flowers as soon as they appear. Pruning: Cut catnip back to the ground in spring to improve its growth and appearance. sunlight, but many others have figured out how to do so easily. Seeds can be collected by tying paper bags over the flowerheads, or else you can cut the blossoms off and place them in something like a muslin laundry bag—where they can be hung up to dry on their own, keeping all their seeds intact.


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