Because it is so light, it can be reapplied throughout the day for extra shine and added softness. You spend that money on purpose, and it’s important to make sure you fulfill that purpose!

Hair extensions, weaves and wigs are made with a protective coating of silicone. It’s helpful to get into the habit of brushing through your wig after taking it off. Keep in mind that these are the five major wig types – the amount of wefting, monofilament, and silicone can vary from wig to wig. Pure silicone treatment spray for synthetic and human hair wigs. Our special mixtures of silicones act as a shield that prevents heat, humidity and other environmental concerns from affecting your hair. Spray a good coat of wig sheen spray over the fibers once the wig is dry. Simply apply Silk or Light Silk Spray regularly to the hair before combing or brushing to strengthen the hair against damage.

This allows the mixture to remain very light in a formulation that can be sprayed very simply. How to Use the Brush to Take the Frizz Out of Synthetic Wigs & Soften Them. This may seem like a no-brainer, but sleeping in your wig is a huge no-no and working out in it is almost as bad. Careless and hurried brushing increases the chances of inadvertently damaging your wig. The cost of the product is cheap too. Use sparingly! For more details, check out my video on how to revive a frizzy human hair wig. - (Check this out - the company wrote this part and it echoes what I have been saying forever!).

Simply Stylin' re-coats the hair with a pure silicone layer that restores its luster and makes it look new again. Don't rub or scrub, or you'll end up with a tangle beyond saving.

Ingredients: cyclopenta siloxane, dimethiconol, fragrance (parfum), WHAT THEY DOThe benefits of Simply Stylin’™ Silk and Simply Stylin’™ Light Silk Spray are many. We understand completely that a lace front wig or any premium synthetic wig is a beauty investment. All you will need is a pot and some Silicon Mix.

Use Silicon Based Products On Your Wig (Sparingly) Silicone Products For Wigs Synthetic.

Use the wide-toothed comb to groom a curly, short piece as well, reshaping the curls around your fingers as you go. You really can’t beat this! They don’t come with an expiration date though so typically people go off of how it looks. Our extensions should go through that same process. If you use this on dry fibers, it is difficult to distribute evenly without overdoing it and ending up with greasy-looking fibers. Anti Frizz - Simply Stylin’ acts as a barrier between your hair and the elements. However, this could also be due to the fact that the silicone coating put on the hair in the factory was washed off! The 100% hand-tied wig is the clear winner focusing solely on the comfort and appearance of the base. Just make sure to use just a little and concentrate on hair ends, not the scalp.Refresh Hair Extensions - (Check this out - the company wrote this part and it echoes what I have been saying forever!) I typically purchase the better wigs - hand tied caps and lace - and I can’t afford to NOT have Simply Sytlin’. Revive Synthetic Hair with This Super-Cheap Product. If you can avoid it, we always recommend revitalising your wig instead by spritzing a DIY leave in conditioner of equal parts water and fabric softener. This item cannot be shipped to P.O. // Leaf Group Lifestyle. But what isn’t clear is the fact that those extensions and wigs have so much more life to them. If my ends re getting alittle crunchy I spray them squeeze them gently and then comb with Jon Renau comb. This product will keep your wigs looking new, also helps with static. It’s now used to restore your extensions, giving it loads of shine and moisture all while conditioning it. There are no added ingredients to get in the way, so Simply Stylin’ leaves your hair with a brilliant shine that lasts throughout the day. boxes or outside of the continental United States. Is there a home remedy I can use to make it shine again? When you spend your hard-earned money on extensions, the purpose is to wear for a while, but most people wear them until it gets matted and dry. Even their synthetic hair looked moisturized and conditioned just as it would with human hair. This boiling method does not discriminate. Have you ever washed a new synthetic wig and wondered why the heck it got frizzy so quickly? Pure silicone treatment spray for synthetic and human hair wigs. Dry your hairpiece, first by holding it over the basin and letting the water drain, then by setting it on a wig form or Styrofoam head and letting the hair sit at room temperature until it is completely dry. However, caring for your new hairpiece or extension is a little different than caring for human hair, especially when it comes to detangling and styling.

Oh, you didn’t think this hair care method only worked on human hair, did you (Check out this article: human hair wig care)?

Which would make sense to do, especially after you’ve had them for a long period? Pillow static caused by tossing and turning (ahem) = frizzy mess. (Just remember to use sparingly!). Twist the ends of the hair around your hand while holding the wig at the cap and fold it into the hairnet provided for extra protection.


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