Planters for Your Indoor Herb Garden If you’re growing herbs from seeds, sow them in shallow trays filled with seed starting mix or plant them directly in the pots or planters you want to use. Stop overbuying fresh herbs only to watch them spoil in the fridge. Take a tip that was cut from an outdoor plant to start an indoor sage plant. Ladder Plant Stand. $39.99. It's hydroponic, meaning it doesn't use soil.

If you've gardened for a while now, growing herbs indoors doesn't sound thrilling. Free 2-day shipping. IKEA.

Buy HC Companies (10 Pack) 6" Outdoor Indoor Self Watering Planters: Plastic Planter Pots Urn Planter Set For Flower Pots Herb Planter Garden Planters at W

Finished with sleek stainless steel for a modern look, this indoor planter can grow six plants at a time that are … Until you've met the Lettuce Grow 12-Plant Farmstand, that is. Windowsill Herb Planter Box, Set of 3, Rectangular Self Watering Indoor Garden for Kitchens, Grow Pl… Instead, get an indoor herb … If you have a small space, grow your herbs vertically. If you're looking for an indoor herb garden that is both easy to use and pretty to look at, check out this AeroGarden Harvest Elite 360 model. This five-star system waters and fertilizes itself. Once you have chosen the herbs you will grow indoors and the container and soil, you can plant the herbs in the container as you would any other plant. How to Grow Herbs Indoors.

Tarragon This ladder … It tolerates dry, indoor air well, but it needs the strong sun from a south-facing window. Once the herbs are planted, you’ll need to care for the herbs. Growing herbs indoors successfully has four important parts: light, temperature, water and humidity. If you're growing herbs from purchased plants, transfer them from their nursery pots into pots or planters with drainage holes so they won't sit in water.


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