Bizarro, not really understanding who or what he is, grabs Trickster and flies away to get answers. Joker was responsible for the deaths of Lois and Kal-El's unborn baby, after all, so factoring how Barry has felt the loss of family and is still scared of it, we understand his choice. Click the button below to start this article in quick view. Hawkman visits Earth at one point because he feels Hawkgirl isn’t fulfilling her hawk alien cop duties by hanging around Superman. In the midst of it, Nightwing and Robin have a bit of an argument and Robin responds by lashing out and angrily throwing his escrima stick at Nightwing’s head (something he’s apparently wont to do as he tried it earlier). There are many “Lois Lane”s.

Damn. WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Injustice: Year Zero #10, by Tom Taylor, Roge Antonio, Rain Beredo, and Wes Abbott, on sale now. Superman blows ice over Shazam’s mouth to keep him from using his magic lightning. When Superman comes down from his rage, he refuses to take responsibility and blames Batman for this death as well. Mr. Zsasz killed Alfred and much to Damian’s dismay, Batman refused to take his life out of revenge. The actual death. Then Superman shows up, making it a three-way battle between Superman, Bizarro, and Doomsday with Luthor in control. Jimmy’s there to take photos, but it’s all a setup. Everyone else survives, but it leads to escalation as Ra’s commands the assassination of nearly every politician in Washington DC, including all living Presidents.

Batman is NOT happy with Beetle, to say the least. Lex calls out Superman and aims his arm-mounted kryptonite gun. With Klarion gone, Chimp will soon cease to exist.

For the sake of chronology, I’m going to skip around for the next couple entries for the sake of issues with flashbacks. The characters you meet in Injustice 2 have survived the vicious comic book series and are ready to enter the ring. Tom Taylor had no choice but to write this sequence because the game made it specific. The cosmic starfish then goes on to infect various Green Lanterns with rage starfish that puts them under its spell. Superboy, Wonder Girl, Red Robin, and Starfire attacked Superman early on in his madness.

She instead gets hitched with Ivy and spends time with her family. Don’t worry about it. In the final issue of the original prequel story, Batman, Batgirl, and Batwoman are trying to open a portal into another world so that they can bring in some non-Regime versions of the Justice League to help out. Batman’s team of rebels is mostly made up of low-level folks. He starts rambling about how the reunited World’s Finest could bring order to the world, but then Brainiac has him impaled with a giant metal wire. Veon ignores his Teen Titan foes and instead picks a fight with Brainiac’s crew. After hitting the end of Year Five, it moved on to a retelling of the game’s story from Harley Quinn’s perspective, and that was followed with a comic prequel for Injustice 2. Grodd weakly warns them about Brainiac’s power and merely receives another trident stab for his troubles. Fake Batman is interested in taking over the Suicide Squad and all, but unlike Waller, there are some members that he doesn’t feel jibe with his unseen master’s vision. Although Ollie dies, he does at least fire an arrow with a super pill tacked onto it. 3) DC let him know that Batwoman’s planned to be in an Injustice sequel in some form, so no-go on killing her. Superman has, in fact, killed Lois Lane and their unborn child. Although she’s never identified, she mostly resembles Jesse Quick. Iris is disgusted by Flash’s actions and the others refuse to trust him.

Deadman possesses the body of Shazam in order to save Constantine and talk some sense into the Spectre. On the geek side of things, I write about comics, cartoons, video games, television, movies and basically, all things nerdy. And as Injustice: Year Zero #10 now shows, Harley could've saved her world if she had spoken up about the Joker's increasing danger sooner. Under Darkseid’s permission, he and a bunch of Parademons invade Earth during a big Superman press conference. Athanasia gets wind of what is going on and threatens to shoot Ivo if he complies with the rebels. Here are 15 Times Superman Killed His Enemies. Then there's the New 52 crossover Trinity War. Using the super pills, Gordon leads Gotham’s Finest to siege the Hall of Justice, all while knowing that the super pill is actually making the cancer stronger and killing him quicker. Tom Taylor really should have personally told him that that was going to happen. Batman even musters up a smile. Superman has snapped, falling farther than ever. AND her (and the baby's) death lead to the destruction of Metropolis. Superman figures that Alfred’s death will draw Batman out of hiding in the name of revenge. Late into the story, he takes on fellow kings Aquaman and Black Adam. He makes it clear that Ted’s time is up and there is nothing either can do about it. She says cracking her knuckles.

As Constantine points out, Superman’s literally killed a planet, so that might take some time. Metron has Blue Beetle kidnapped to recruit him into destroying Starro, as a previous Scarab host succeeded years before. He ignores it and presses on. Batwoman volunteers. Even after Joker tries to mind-control and hurt her, a bitter, liberated and vengeful Harley still doesn't snitch. Hera shows no regret for the kill and promptly gets taken down by Harley, Batwoman, and others. A beat later, Bizarro sneezes. As mentioned, Ganthet is in charge of the siege to stop Superman, and considering he’s an Oan, he’s tough enough to smack Superman around. For the first time, Hal Jordan starts to have second thoughts. Jaime asks his Scarab how it defeated Starro the first time around and finds out that it means separating from the Scarab, having the Scarab attach itself to Starro, and zapping it with energy to the point of exploding. YOLO. Not bad for someone from the Caribbean, eh? It’s that screw-up that finally sets Superman off and he angrily beats Green Arrow to death in front of the Kents. He then takes Lois hostage. A one-stop shop for all things video games. Brian Buccellato took over during Year Three and, as mentioned, killed off Huntress.

He just doesn't want more Jokers to be created so if Superman's cruel ways are the answer, then so be it. Her final words are a failed attempt to tell Batman not to trust Constantine. After a day of training with the new Blue Beetle (Jaime Reyes), Ted Kord is slightly confused when Skeets, the robot from the future, tells him how much he enjoyed their time together. Injustice: Year Zero #10 has shed key insight into why Barry Allen, the Flash, decided to be part of Superman's murderous Regime in the first place. He has to kill Dick but not in a way that’s too evil because even the super serious Justice League has to have boundaries at this point. At the end of Act II, Lex enacts a plan that should stop Superman once and for all. The Trickster tries to help Bizarro figure things out and makes an attempt to teach him how to keep his powers in check.

Batman lays into him for a bit while Zod imagines being beaten up by a judgmental Superman. He tears out the metal from Cyborg’s face, knocking him out of commission. Fake Batman turns out to be Jason Todd because Jason Todd is the freaking king of obvious Batman identity mysteries.

The act kills one endangered animal with a falling shard of glass, which sets off Vixen. Despite the pleas of Green Lantern B’dg, Sayd does not give in to the “remember who you are” trope and straight up vaporizes B’dg and Vandor. He wants to raze Metropolis and Gotham to the ground to prove a point. In other words, there is not just “Lois Lane”. All of a sudden, there’s some kind of horrible force trying to get in through the door. Using Zod’s headless body, Batman gets Dr.


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