If that stuff isn't good enough, then I suggest just ride it out. You basically found an internship as a freshman. Active 10 months ago. My performance has been slow, and apparently my boss brought in another student from my university who was able to get the project I’m working on completed a lot quicker then I could. Your email address will not be published. Solution: Don’t worry! Yes. Internships provide both sides the opportunity to test out a new relationship for a short time before committing to it fully. They aren’t trying to identify every candidate who deserves an interview. Corporate wanted an intern there and the facility barely had enough work for the permanent positions. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Most college students do internships during the summer or when they are on winter break. Join the alumni association of the college you attended, if you haven't already. Yes, if you are just making coffee for everyone, you need to take a step. More posts from the internships community. Posted by.

My mentor left for another job about 3 weeks into my internship and no one even told me... so of the 3 and a half months of my internship I spend about 2 of them on reddit in my cubicle.

Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. I wish I had better advice for you when I was almost in this exact same position this summer. Receive weekly strategies. Talk to your friends who got interviews for the same role — why did they get interviews? Here are some ways to find internships for which an employer may consider a non-student: Once you make connections with possible employers, it may take some effort to persuade them to hire you.

With age comes maturity. Good luck! So I landed what I thought was a dream internship at an aerospace company. At the end of each interview, ask the interviewer for a business card or their email address. It gave me a huge boost in confidence to know that I'm not alone in this type of situation and gave me ideas for climbing out of this "hole". But interns are under a short-term contract and are paid less almost everywhere. You accepted an internship thinking that there won’t be much pressure and the compensation would be sufficient for it. If I was in your position I would just learn more VBA and become an expert at it or work on some other stuff. First off: thanks for all the positive suggestions and the sharing of experiences. Your internship doesn't have to be an all-consuming affair, especially if you're taking a full slate of classes. If you take the right steps outlined earlier in this article, I think you can control 80% of your outcome. If that doesn't work you need to go to your manager and say, in as professional a way as possible and not combative, that you aren't getting what you expected out of this internship and don't want to leave without getting good experience. Win! The world is relationship driven and a referral is the ultimate indicator of social credibility. The manager of my section left on a sabbatical and my mentor got promoted but he now has to do his old job AND be a manager so he is not available to train me. It doesn’t matter how great your resume and cover letter are if no one reads it. Come up with ideas and ask your mentor (2 minute conversation).

Would it say that you’ve applied to the position or that you want to grab coffee to learn more about the position? When organizations post openings for interns, they typically expect most of their applicants to be students. But interning one day a week is not going to allow you to build lasting relationships or pick up the skills you're aiming for. If you’re not getting interviews, it’s either because: Your application drives 40% of your ability to land interviews and is comprised of a resume and cover letter. It means someone at the company personally believes you are a strong candidate for the position and company. Many firms hire lesser interns than required and put up the entire work load on the few. Takeaway: Don’t play the odds with a cold application. Identifying where you are deficient is key to accelerating your interview performance. You will get to feel the real pressure to work better and get noticed instead of just doing random work and completing your internship duration.

Make sure you don’t go overboard with jargon (happens a lot), but a little can go a long way.


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