Roasting and barbecuing meats is of course widely celebrated. Southern Food & Recipes Browse recipes for classic dishes from the American South and learn how to make all your favorite comfort foods at home. Really, Southern cooking is as diverse as those who cook it.Take the chicken-fried steak, for example. Why Southern Food Is The Best Comfort Food, This Is The Recipe You Need For Creamy Baked Mac N' Cheese — The Ultimate Side Dish For Thanksgiving, I Didn't Enjoy High School, And That's Part Of The Reason That I Want To Become A High School Teacher, This Simple 7-Step DIY Face Mask Combines Safety — And Sustainability, 6 Ways To Handle The Stress Of Earning Your Degree From Your Childhood Bedroom, 25 Songs To Add To Your November Playlist To Get You In The Mood To Be Thankful, Taylor Swift May Have Just Confirmed That She Is Re-Recording 'Red,' And I Am Living For It, Check-In With Your Mental Health Before The Holidays By Doing These 11 Things, The State University of New York at Stony Brook, 25 'Open When' Topics And Ideas For That Special Someone In Your Life. Today, peanuts (which are actually legumes, not nuts) are grown throughout the South, from Virginia to Texas. People from North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee, Alabama, Mississippi, Arkansas, and Louisiana were the highest consumers of the Southern diet. The “convenience” group included pasta dishes, Mexican food, Chinese food, pizza, and mixed dishes. Meredith, Fresh Southern Peach Cobbler | Photo by Yoly, Mini Southern Pecan Pies | Photo by Sugarplum. Instant Pot Cornbread 45 mins Ratings. Seafood is a major player in Southern cooking. © 2020 USA TODAY, a division of Gannett Satellite Information Network, LLC. I LOVE southern food, especially chicken fried steak, shrimp and grits, Texas and North Carolina Barbecue and biscuits with sausage gravy. Once settled in Louisiana, Cajuns and Creoles adapted their French- and Spanish-inspired food traditions to make use of local ingredients (including powdered sassafras leaves, known as filé powder). (Fun Fact: In 2011, collards became the official vegetable of South Carolina.).

It's more than just really, really good food (though that right there is a big part), it's memories and nostalgia for time gone by - a much simpler time, and it's love. Over the past few days, fans noticed a change in Swift's hair when she was accepting her win as Apple's songwriter of the year that was reminiscent of the "Red" era. So if you're craving Southern food or just missing your mama's home cooking, try one of these 16 classic Southern recipes that are the best of food in the South.

Don't misunderstand me.

Pork has been almost limitless in a number of uses in soul food, from seasoning vegetables and stews to dehydrating and pickling staples like pork rinds and pig feet and ears. For me though, November is the perfect time to compile a playlist of songs that bring on major nostalgia which I think is perfect for this time of year. A whiff of that country ham and you're home on a Sunday evening with your dad watching football and you're 12 and you're not stressing over that history paper due next week.

Though some may criticize Southern cuisine for its lax attitude towards fat and carbs, saying Southerners are proud of their cuisine is the understatement of the century. My first trip was to London and Paris at the age of 16, my second international trip was to Greece and Italy. While not all Southern food is considered soul food, all soul food is definitely Southern.

Cooking vegetables with diced meat is a longstanding Southern style. But in the south they served fried okra and sometimes gator bites.

From that very moment 21 years ago, I learned the value of food appropriation and representation.

About half the yearly crop goes into making peanut butter! KFC started in 1890 as a roadside restaurant in Corbin, Kentucky. Gumbo is one stew that really takes a melting pot!

Deep down, you know what you need to thrive and I know that you can get there.


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