This Jet fuel is used commonly by NATO air forces. For example, aviation fuels must meet strict requirements for flying characteristics such as flashpoint and freezing point, while auto gas is made to run through catalytic converters for pollution reduction, along with other factors. Aviation fuel and gasoline are very different for multiple reasons.

With international flight restrictions worldwide, aviation fuel oversupply and decreased demand have seriously affected the aviation fuel prices. The origin of both fuels from crude oil and the purpose to run their respective engines remains the same. In this emergency situation, what would a pilot do? The jet fuel has longer chain hydrocarbons and its boiling point is higher than that of gasoline, and also its volatility is lower and its vapour pressure is higher. Aviation fuel operators and experts have suggested that jet aviation fuel could take years to recover. Other than this just being a cool theoretical use, Toyota actually used jet fuel in the Toyota Hilux on their arctic truck 2012, according to Wired. Many people think that jet fuel will make your car faster because it comes from supersonic jets but in reality its very much like diesel, slow burning kerosene type of oil. Then there is Jet B. For any inquiries or questions kindly visit, Stay on top of latest aviation news and articles, This site uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience. Avgas is also available at other octanes such as 87 and 130, but they are rare today. Gasoline consists of hydrocarbons that contain anywhere from 7 to 11 carbon atoms with hydrogen molecules attached. They differ in quality or better yet, freezing point. We have discussed the main four aviation fuels used for Commercial planes fuel, Military Airplane fuel, Private jet fuel, and in general aviation. Private flights and cargo flights are flying smoothly in many nations. Gasoline has its flash point at about -40°F, while jet fuel has +100°F. In the general aviation, the two main aviation fuel types are AVGAS and Jet Fuel. Which is why you need to partner up with a flight support company like iJET, who with their network of aviation fuel suppliers are always equipped with jet fuels to refuel your aircraft at airports worldwide. A diesel will run on jet fuel if nothing else is available. These molecules consist of carbon atoms, linked to one another and to hydrogen atoms. Want the latest news, product updates and promotions? Diesel is more viscous than jet fuels. Some people have tried to use 100 octane avgas in race cars to stop premature detonation in turbocharged engines, but it requires engine modifications to perform well. Jet fuel, on the other hand, contains hydrocarbons more in the range of 12 to 15 carbon atoms. These types of aircraft fly through the rotation of the propellers which generate the thrust. The additives we talked about earlier, especially the one used in Jet fuels to avoid any surprises midair, are de-icing agents, antibacterial agents, anti-corrosive and anti-static agents. How much does the jet fuel cost per 1 hour of flight for a 747? (, Carburetor Temperature Indicators and Probes, Amplifiers, Power Supplies and Converters. 7 years ago. It is further categorized into … Jet fuel has much higher flashpoint there for not as easy to ignite, but once ignited it burns a much higher BTU plus burn longer this is why the steel in the World Trade Center melted and eventually failed. The jet fuel that your aircraft requires. Gasoline will burn more aggressively and light easier, jet fuel will burn slower but stronger. By subscribing, you agree to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Whatever it's covered in will burn. Gasoline is more flammable, it has a lower flash point than jet fuel. Given the lower freezing point of jet fuel and the higher flash point, the fuel has a much wider safe operational temperature range. But the aviation industry is pivoting and trying to get back to normal. This kerosene-based fuel is used commonly by military aircraft. Many people think that jet fuel will make your car faster because it comes from supersonic jets but in reality its very much like diesel, slow burning kerosene type of oil.


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