Common migrant in the eastern part of the The wren had actually been first captured and banded at our Botanic Gardens site, but this morning we re-caught it a quarter mile away in Big Hollow. I am always saying, "Just because you want to be, doesn't make it so! Travel Gear Review - What Worked and What FAILED, IBCM V - Lake Skinner and the Quino Checkerspot. and she alone incubates the eggs. At close range, fine dark streaks within the crown stripes also become apparent. I'm guessing Song based on thickness of streaking. low shrubs and cover.

During the summer breeding season they are often found Their streaking is coarser, and they don't have the Lincoln's pale eyering or buffy wash across the breast. Vespers also have rufous lesser coverts (shoulder) but in most instances this isn't visible so in general is not a good field mark to look for.

text links below for additional, higher-resolution Lincoln's Sparrow photos. New River Birding and Nature Festival Birding by Butt, Remembering the White Vermillion Flycatcher, Hen And Drake American Wigeon Pair Close To Home, MA - Thanksgiving Barnacle Goose in Turner's Falls, Charles Darwin: Notebooks worth millions lost for 20 years, A Handsome Common Grackle for Saturday Critters, Foto Friday Fun 390: every picture tells a story, October Came And Went In The Blink Of An Eye. A great honor but I don't know how you identify most of the birds you see, especially sparrows and warblers. Their overall I think Lincoln's Sparrows are one of the most subtle beauties. The Lincoln’s has a shorter, straight-edged tail and Song Sparrows have longer, rounded tails. The buffy wash is wrong for Song. Lincoln's Lincoln's Sparrows are found a very broad The bold, white eyering is also noticeable in most situations. So I've discounted Swamp Sparrow. Adult/immature.

There are five species of sparrows that include Savannah, Vesper, Fox, Song, and Lincoln's that look similar, at least superficially. I think we all have trouble with sparrows. I was the only ne there who could identify it as Lincoln’s sparrows are very secretive. Eastern towhee. are higher-elevation areas of the western US, up into Canada and Alaska. buffy wash across their upper chest and lower face. Dakota. I just skimmed over the article, but it looks like yours might be a Swamp based on the contrasting head pattern and breast streaking. (Photo by Jean Miller), Lincoln’s Sparrow (left) and Song Sparrow (Photo by Jean Miller), Lincoln’s (left) and Song Sparrow tail comparision. Well, song sparrows can have a wide variety of plumages.

American tree sparrow.

Baird's sparrow. Sparrow Identification by Shape: Song, Clay-color... Bird Quiz Results and a New Contest! I wanted it to be a Lincoln's but it wasn't.Grammie G, I will have to check out that site! Original By (Photo by Jean Miller), Lincoln’s Sparrow – Note the fine streaks over light tan on the bird’s breast, but the very white belly. In my personal checklist of birds I've photographed, I categorize my identifications as 50% sure, 75% sure and 90+% sure. They are both lovely little birds.

You may not think this will be that noticeable in the field but as soon as you start paying attention to it you will notice that it makes a huge difference in the overall appearance of the bird. Nonbreeding and immature Swamp Sparrows can be very similar to Lincoln's Sparrows but usually have rufous in the wings, a neat white throat patch, and no eyering.

Lincoln's Sparrows usually forage on the ground or A Chance to Win the Brand New T-sh... A Savannah Sparrow-notice the short tail, fine streaking, yellow lores, and pink lower mandible, A Song Sparrow-notice the long tail, thick streaking, grayish face, and gray lower mandible, A Vesper Sparrow-notice the bold eyering, white "u" border to the auriculars, and fine streaking.


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