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you will need to build upto T4 minimum to make the transmitter work.tomorrow i would be publishing another similar circuit, but with much easier design, i would suggest you to try that instead of this. Sir, It will be very useful if you give a complete list of all parts used in this amazing circuit.

I am not sure how to do it, if you know you can try. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. can i add as substitute.pls help me.. Hi, you can use any VHF/UHF varicap diode in place of BB139, the value is not critical.

So please proceed with caution. 100/0.5W is obviously a resistor and 10uF is after this resistorsurface mount is not compulsory but will work better…make sure the PCB is maximum area merged with the negative line. RF modules does not require programming, they can be procured readymade but I am not sure about their maximum range, I have never seen a 1km RF remote control device in the market. The L4 upper line is where a positive 12V needs to be applied. An IR transmitter and receiver pair forms a simple circuit. With a 70cm cord it is possible to take care of a 2 – 3 meter region simply with the oscillator stage. Arka, If you are a newbie then you should proceed step wise and learn how to build basic transmitters first. can i use anthing substitute of this varicap diode, becoz am not geting any varicap here. heyy !! I have a 27MHz long range circuit designed by elektor electronics, but it can be extremely difficult to make and test such circuits for any newcomer. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. Sir does this transmitter will work the same with a two way wireless telephone system?or if you would mind do you have a reliable two way wireless telephone Diagram that I can borrow? Both of these diodes function as a changeable capacitor whilst you regulate the pot. i am interested in the RF section of your design.

Make use of an effective heatsink for the T5 transistor because it becomes slightly warm. thanks for your respond but I actually need a seperate receiver circuit instead of the fm radio reciever seperatly. Is there any way You could have a quick look at the PCB i produced? Hello Engineer thank you for sharing this wonderful project. any other equivalent will do….you will have to search for it. Sir will it work perfectly ? This infrared receiver circuit is using only few components and it is able to receive 38KHz carrier signal. i can't find the BB139 varactor diode, what other option can i use? To double the distance from 5 metres to 10 metres, it is advisable to enhance the transmitted power 4 times.

Sharoj, you can try the following circuit, Feel free to employ transistors similar to BF199, BF214 however be careful not to use BCs. Even so, using a very narrow beam from the laser pointer, you will need to take special care, lest a small jerk to the gadget may change the beam positioning and lead to loss of contact. The method is P (in watt) is equivalent to U2 / Z, wherein Z is 150 for 75Ω resistor or 100 for 50Ω resistor, nevertheless one should keep in mind that the proper rf power is lesser. Data (CMOS-compatible) to be transmitted is used for modulating the 38 kHz frequency generated by CD4047 (IC1). Arka, for the 500 meter transmitter you can try the following design.

Assemble the circuit on a standard PCB. After those modification, in case things are heading nicely hook up the antenna, keep on employing the rf probe, readjust once more all of the the trimmers right from T3. © 2020 Circuit Wiring Diagrams - Theme: Patus by. Hi Adam, you can use any electret condenser mic for the shown circuit. I think that the same thing(Transistor part of my reply) can be achieved with AM technology I have receiver design but not sure that it will work.Please suggest me a AM transmitter design. I JUST WANT TO KNOW HOW MUCH DISTANCE IT WILL GO THIS TRANSMIT ION, obstacles like trees is a problem or not, become i am going to use in area little like a forest, so is this successful to transmit 1 km ? audio is the input frequency which needs to be wirelessly transmitted to the other end and the output where the antenna is supposed to be terminated. i need to make a simple wireless transmitter and reciever of range upto 50 metres . Your email address will not be published. I love this design I have made it but not tested yet because I need a receiver that can work for it. At this point you don’t receive yet the long range fm wireless transmitter due to the fact that the electric power is fairly reduced, a maximum of 0.5 mW. can i use this circuit for transmit my wifi signal within range 5 km ? keep the input connected to ground and tune the transmitter to get the required null spot in the receiver. Use switch S2 for power ‘on’/‘off’ control. With 1971 transistor how much power can provide by this circuit?? You can mail me the list of the parts at [email protected] or can post it here. It uses three infrared transmitting LEDs (IR1 through IR3) in series to increase the radiated power. Its benefit is going to be more obvious if the IR transmitter is operated by common batteries. It can be done by not connecting the input to any kind of signal source. Here the long range/distance Infrared transmitter circuit, give you extra power for your Infrared transmitter. For converting the above design into a long range walkie talkie you can make a small FM radio and use it with the above transmitter circuit but I am not sure how the units would interact while operating on different frequencies.. RF Transmitter coils normally are not specified with inductance values because the values can be so less that your meter won't have the range to measure them…so the physical specs are the one that you'll have to rely on. varicap diodes change and adjust their capacitance value in response to the varying amplitude of the input frequency providing the most optimal input feed for the preamplifier stage. I am also the founder of the website:, where I love sharing my innovative circuit ideas and tutorials. I want to do 5 kms FM transmitter but i have no idea because i don't no which things i should brought and where should brought and i don't no modul of board. Hi Amol, by continuous signal do you mean a blank signal which will produce a null spot in the receiver? because i'm working on a through hole board so what is its alternative? the range cannot be increased just by changing the transistor, it can be much more complex than this….so it's not that easy. Dear Swagatam,Can I add MPX(stereo, RDS) at the audio input of this transmitter? No, you cannot substitute the varicap.trees and structures will not affect the transmission.

excuse me what is the audio and what is the output? And lastly, how can I modulate those trimmers if I dont have plastic screwdrivers?

It utilizes three infrared transmitting LEDs (IR1 through IR3) in series to improve the radiated power. Which gives a accurate data of that range. Feedback from Mr. Himzo (a dedicated follower of this website). The circuit complexity increases in case you design the IR transmitter for good operation more than a extended distance, for example, 10 metres. You can search online for a high power RF transistor, you might get some clue. After that get back on the very first trimmer and readjust yet again until you receive the maximum voltage on the multimeter. 12V supply will go to the 100 ohm and L4 junction line. how can i get the complete write up for this particular fm transmitter circuit,i was asked to construct it but am through with the construction remaining the write up need some help from you. Hello Pakpa, yes that may be possible by first converting the voice signals into digital mode through a class D amplifier circuit. for the variable capacitor you can use the center terminal and any one of the other two terminals, the remaining one can be left unused. thereafter go to T4 stage and scale down the initial collector trimmer for highest voltage signal on the multimeter. Obstacle Sensing Circuit or IR Sensor Circuit.

Or you can use a GSM based design such as this:, Hi sir 1) I would like to know whats the use of those variable capacitors here. Download long range/distance infrared transmitter circuit document PDF: Your email address will not be published. No, that won't be feasible because wi-fi signals are not RF based and will require different type of encoding/decoding process. i want to make my own long range rc transmitter and receiver…. Dear Himzo, I am sorry I am not sure about it, you may have to try it out practically to know the results, what is to be used as input and output please help me. Yes L4 is the choke, and L5 is the tank coil, could you able share your email id , i required 8 kilometers range transmitter and receiver ckt to trip my load my ELECTRICITY BOARD SUPPLY GOES off when DG is running .


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