Kevin Espiritu, the founder of the website Epic Gardening and author of the forthcoming Field Guide to Urban Gardening (Cool Springs Press, May 2019), recommends a Honeywell Cool Mist humidifier “for serious plant parents” to boost humidity levels significantly. Do water deeply, but only water again when the pot is close to dry. Overwatering is the #1 killer of lemon trees. Do I have to manually pollinate the flowers to get lemons? Do you have any suggestions? Water in thoroughly at intervals and allow the soil to dry out between watering. If the soil is damp, wait another day to water the soil. I was told to prune off the branches with thorns (which are about an inch long). It was doing really well all summer and now that fall is here, it's been moved back in. The fruit is a light orange-yellow color, with juice sweeter than that of most lemons.

Meyer Lemon Trees: 7 Secrets for Tons of Fruit. If you live in growing zones 9-11, it’s best that you bring your lemon tree indoors when temperatures fall below 50 degrees. Insert it fully into the growing medium. You can always take your tree outside again once spring arrives and temperatures stay above 50 degrees.

Loved it greatly, good bits to know for the first time. If you notice yellowing leaves, for example, your tree might be pot-bound and telling you it is time to replant into a larger pot. 'Meyer' lemon tree care indoors, like all citrus trees, includes full sun exposure for at least six hours each day. Here are just a few of my favorite things to do with Meyer lemons: Here are a few of my favorite recipes that showcase the tastiness of Meyer lemons!

But tending your little citrus trees has tangible results and genuinely therapeutic value in an age when much of our attention is focused on screens. There is a little wiggle room: whereas a Meyer lemon is uncompromising in its need for a minimum of six hours of sunlight, understory trees including Thai limes and finger limes are a little less demanding, as they evolved in semi-shady conditions. It’s possible that you’ve just noticed the beauty of a potted Meyer Lemon tree, but keeping citrus trees indoors is far from a new fad. Chill the log, wrapped in the wax paper for two hours. I have an indoor lemon tree that gets a lot of fragrant flowers, but no lemons.

Thanks for the very informative article.

Great tips on this page! After reading all the articles I am going something wrong with my lemon tree. Adding an oscillating fan improves the air circulation around your 'Meyer' lemon tree. I have had a lemon tree for five years, but I got it from someone else so it was older. I hope to this year.

They're a particularly good choice if you've never tried to grow citrus indoors before, as the trees are beautiful, very prolific, and quite hardy! First, if you're getting a growth of spidery, twiggy branches, prune a few of these off. One day they will be traveling the country with me in my rv. Opening the nearby door or window for them on a cold day stresses citrus trees (and all plants). love the tips and instructions you have here. Fill the container with soil to about 3 inches below the top. Squid like and pined it! I do a transition period before bringing it in for the winter - though this past winter the transition wasn't as great because we got some sudden cold and frost and I didn't want the plant to die so it came in sooner. Lovely lens, I love lemon trees too and now I know I can grow them in my apartment :). Problems will not resolve themselves.

The recipes and pics look great, blessed!

Citrus tree houseplant care also requires fertilization, especially if you want it to flower and set fruit. A little honeydew and a few cobwebs will turn into an infestation.

If the soil surface feels dry, use a finger to dig into the soil to feel whether or not it is damp farther down. Thanks! Typically, the tree will be about two years old, possibly a bit younger. Why doesn't everyone grow their own lemon trees? 5 Meyer lemons, cut into paper-thin slices, ends discarded, 4 ounces (1/2 cup) unsalted butter, room temperature, plus more for pan, 3 tbsps finely grated Meyer lemon zest (from 4 to 5 lemons). THANK YOU FOR THE ADVICE AND RECIPES. SOURCEBOOK FOR CONSIDERED LIVING They are fun to grow and very prolific. Try this: water deeply, but infrequently. We moisturize,  but what can our trees do? Lovely lens, really enjoyed reading it.

The solution is to pick a sunny window (preferably south-facing away from a heating grate) and stick with it for the whole winter season. Meyer lemon trees are the most popular indoor citrus tree. Use your finger to check. I love lemon trees. Observe the overall form. Cut the log into 1/8 inch slices with a clean, sharp knife. Citrus trees require outstanding drainage. I have four that have grown. Add the flour, baking powder, soda, and salt and blend well. Cover and refrigerate until ready to use (up to three days). Self-pollinating and sun-loving, this tree produces fruit indoors as long as it is cared for properly and receives enough light. How to Grow a Meyer Lemon Tree Indoors. If it is not, then add 2 more cups of water, and recheck the deep soil's dampness. If the soil is dry, then provide 4 to 6 cups of water. The proliferation of portable trees—grafted onto dwarf rootstock—makes it possible for almost anyone to grow a lemon, lime, or kumquat without having a large space. Youâll know it is time to water when the soil is dry a couple of inches down into the pot. Do I have to hand pollinate? © Copyright 2020 Hearst Communications, Inc. Inspect the tree's leaves often for pests. My mom bought me a lemon tree (but it is outside in a planer on my porch) and it produced lemons like crazy the first two years and now all of a sudden this year it has stopped. Combine lemon juice, zest, shallot, salt, and vinegar. Pot in a container using a well-drained, light potting mix. Firm the soil around the tree with your hands and water generously. Browse our collection of more than 2,000 plants and seeds, which can be ordered directly from our favorite shops and growers.

Little Linda Pinda from Florida on April 22, 2012: This is just what I was looking for. I love this Squidoo. Read on for more info, pictures, and how to buy a dwarf lemon tree for your home. Those temperatures, however, can be difficult to obtain in summer while keeping energy cooling costs down. Nice lens! It always comes back in the Spring and grows really well until the late Fall when it's time to transition it in again and then it goes dormant. For its size, the dwarf Meyer lemon tree is one of the hardiest and most productive of all dwarf citrus trees.

So make sure to dump it out after a good, long soak. I've been growing a meyer lemon tree in my house for about 2 years now. Do you have any suggestions or ideas?

You have some great tips for growing a lemon tree indoors. Signs of ignoring your trees:  general malaise, depending on the source of the issue. When you move your tree indoors, it is best to place it in a relatively cool room. Though i did not get any fruit.

Freeze in a hand-cranked ice cream freezer. South or southwest window exposure is best. That is, place your indoor plant outdoors in partial shade for a few weeks before you start leaving it in full sun. Soggy bottoms will kill them Water must flow right through the pot and out. Fill the new pot halfway up with potting soil. Aaron says that the mistake some people in northern climates make is to give the tree 12 hours or more of supplemental light, “which causes the plant to go into a vegetative state.” Think of them as sleep-deprived. But there are various places online where can buy several different varieties of indoor citrus trees, including indoor lemon trees, for under $20 (including delivery).


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