and a new course focused on the pregnant mare; The Pregnant Mare: Diagnosis, Complications and Dystocia. The Equine Institute is a RACE Approved course provider. College of Veterinary MedicineCVM Webmaster, If you have a disability and experience difficulty accessing this content, contact [email protected]

The new Online Continuing Education (CE) web site became available last February, bringing versatility to CE in the fast-paced veterinary profession. This course provides the foundation a technician needs to be responsible for the day to day care of hospitalized horses.

Description: Opportunities and challenges in working in and with large swine production systems will be explored. The online learning portion of the course covers dental applied anatomy, maximizing oral exam and imagining findings to develop and hone a treatment plan, and equipment and techniques to extract teeth. Also, stay tuned on August 19 for an awesome webinar on Lyme Disease and Tick-Borne Illnesses in Horses with Dr. Tom Divers. New equine influenza vaccines feature the most current clade 1 and clade 2 influenza strains. With this knowledge you can work with your farrier and trainer to develop a hoof care regime that in the best interest of your horse and helps you achieve your goals on horseback. Description: This course will provide an overview of gross lesions and ancillary testing choices for practitioners that might be involved in investigation of reproductive diseases or disorders in swine. Due to COVID-19, we will be unable to provide our outstanding on-site continuing education courses this fall. By using our website you agree to our privacy policy. Author: Merck Animal Health Publish date: Jul 16, 2020. This course was designed to help you have a deeper understanding of the biomechanics of the equine hoof and the fundamentals of trimming and shoeing. Founded in 1885, The Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine is ranked fifth in the nation and includes more than 1,000 faculty, staff and students in the Departments of Veterinary Biosciences, Veterinary Clinical Sciences, and Veterinary Preventive Medicine. (1 CE) 1 Continuing Education Unit offered. A Home for Every Horse (AHFEH) is excited to announce that Merck Animal Health has joined as a sponsor to help AHFEH continue its support of equine rescues and their horses.

Registration is now open for some courses. Although some tick-borne diseases such as equine granulocytic anaplasmosis and equine piroplasmosis are well established, others, including equine bartonellosis and Lyme disease, have remained poorly characterized. Equine practitioner are, therefore, often hesitant to hire licensed technicians that do not already have on the job experience or advanced training in equine specific fields. Where: Anywhere you want! The online learning portion of the course covers dental applied anatomy, maximizing oral exam and imagining findings to develop and hone a treatment plan, and equipment and techniques to extract teeth. This course includes 4 hours of lecture and 4 hours of hands on laboratory time. We will look at what the major parasite players are today; provide an update as to the efficacy of the existing dewormers and factors that may contribute to anthelmintic resistance, and finally special considerations when managing certain classes of horses. Equine Health Education School based on the Big Island of Hawaii. Registration is now open for some courses. Description: The swine industry is working to adopt several technologies which have the potential to improve reproductive efficiency. If you are a veterinary technician seeking approved online continuing education, you have come to the right place!

If you have trouble accessing this page because of a disability, please contact PVM Web Communications at [email protected] Vaala will happily answer your questions, so come prepared with any concerns and questions you might have as pertains to deworming the equine patient. She will also address many of the outdated management strategies that many of us are used to practicing that might need a look at being updated! To view the web site or get started, please visit This presentation will describe the components of the examination for stallions. Want to gain fundamental skills necessary to become an equine vet assistant or technician? The Merck veterinarian study was designed to quantify the prevalence of mental illness and stress in the veterinary profession and compare the findings to findings from previous studies and the general U.S. population. However, several factors limit the adoption of these technologies.

Three new equine courses are now available via Online CE. This course focuses on basic equine laparoscopic surgery. Merck is offering one free hour of RACE CE for your attendance to the parasitology webinar. Join Merck Animal Health and Dr. Wendy Vaala for a webinar on "Equine Parasitology: The Science Behind Deworming," on Thursday, August 6, 7:30-8:30 EST and earn 1 hour of CE. Most VIN and VSPN courses are approved by AAVSB RACE** which is the national clearinghouse for the approval of continuing education providers and their programs (check individual course for RACE status). A breeding soundness examination begins with a means of permanently identifying the animal, followed by a thorough history of the animal, and the physical examination. All New Free Horse Health Videos! Merck Animal Health, in partnership with the AAEP Foundation, will award five $5,000 scholarships in 2018 to second- and third-year veterinary students dedicated to careers in equine practice. VETgirl, a subscription-based podcast & webinar service, offers 100+ hours of RACE-approved, online veterinary continuing education. This presentation will describe the components of a breeding soundness examination for mares, beginning with the purpose and indications.


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