Ideal hedge or border - also can be used for topiary and looks terrific as feature plant in a pot on a patio. Rubber Fig All of our plants are grown under full sun and are hardened off so they will be keen to grow once planted out. Will make a very impressive statement as a feature in your garden.

sunblestproducts. Plum Trees; Contact; Fruit Tree Nursery Yarra Valley.

Prices are as follows - Regular water. 70 cms height

Bangalow Palms We Also Stock: To see the, Buxus Japanese Box Microphylla Hedge OR Border Plant, Welcome to HORSESHOE DRIVE NURSERY, 15 Horseshoe Drive, MUDGEERABA.

Currently only have big ones up to 3-5 metres tall in large grow bags Things change all the time.Just ask.. Also have other conifer trees. 31/12/2016. 180mm Pots: $30 Unfortunately, I didn’t own any useful gardening books on fruit trees, particularly ones that would help me decide which fruit trees are suitable for Brisbane’s climate and are less than 5 metres so that I can cram in a ton of different trees. Sour fruit high in antioxidants, used in jams, sauces, desserts, etc

~ Dracaena Tricolor ~ 200mm Pots: $20 The perfect indoor/outdoor plant. 200mm Pots: $25 ~ Ficus Elastica ~ Copyright © 2007-2020 Marktplaats B.V. All Rights Reserved. If you use wood chip mulch remember, ALCANTEREA SILVER PLUM ON SALE IN THE NURSERY, {STUNNING} This magnificent favourite available in the Nursery in various sizes from $30 for 200ml - $70 for 250ml and $90 for 300ml. large fruit and can be eaten green/ cook or raw and fruit change yellow when ripe.$35each pickup only. Best quality growth with natural fertiliser and insecticides, healthy and beautiful. Foliage colours are golden yellow in Autumn.

Jonathan Apple trees $49 Sweet Queensland fig trees $49 60 Schoolhouse Road Located at 239-255 Scott Lane, North Maclean (via Greenbank) Ring Michael for more info/advice and to arrange pick up 0414. All of our range is listed on Gumtree with current photos. This is a low chill variety of plum that is self-fertile and will fruit on the sunshine coast. - Medium, indirect light. We Also Stock: Giant Elephant Ear ~ Alocasia macrorrhizos ~ 200mm Pots: $35 Fiddle-leaf fig tree ~ Ficus Lyrata ~ 250mm Pots: $80 Swiss Chess Monstera ~ Monstera Deliciosa ~ 200mm Pots: $35 Philodendron Xanadu 140mm Pots: $15 Rubber Fig ~ Ficus Elastica ~ 180mm Pots: $30 Bangalow Palms ~ Archontophoenix Cunn, Fiddle-leaf fig tree Philodendron Xanadu

They are dark, shiny green with bronze new growth.

At Rayners fruit tree nursery we have a very large range of fruiting plants for sale, including dwarf, super dwarf and advanced trees some of which will have fruit on them. australian pine Henry M- www. Varieties of fruit trees that can be grown differ greatly from the Southern Areas of Queensland near Brisbane and the areas near the Gold Coast to the northern areas near Townsville, Cairns and Rockhampton. Please come and visit our display area and have a chat to our helpful staff. Leaves are pinnate (comprising leaflets on opposite sides of a central axis) consisting of 3 to 11 leaflets. Philodendron Xanadu ~ Ficus Lyrata ~ The perfect indoor / outdoor plant. ~ Dypsis Lutescens ~ Native Rosella Blue Lillipilli Midgen Berry Hawaiian Guava Gumby Gumby Kaffir Plum Old Man Saltbush Feijoa Moluccan Raspberry Currant Bush Powder Puff Lillipilli Lime Berry Carob Peanut Tree Tamarillo Jaboticaba Black Apple Pink Lime Bunya Nut Davidson Plum Large Fruited Raspberry Wild Orange, Japanese Plum Tree - Mariposa - low chill - edible fruit, Japanese Plum Tree - Mariposa Pick up only in Tewantin (Noosa Area) - Tolerates direct light, don’t like shade. Bangalow Palms Buy Fruit Trees in the Yarra Valley. - Bright, direct sunlight. Swiss Chess Monstera Perfect for screening and hedging. Davidson's plum Popular fruit trees for Queensland and Brisbane

~ Davidsonia ~ Most of these plants/trees are a number of years old & you don't have to wait a lifetime to enjoy them.

~ Archontophoenix Cunninghamiana ~
Copyright © 2007-2020 Marktplaats B.V. All Rights Reserved. The plant we are selling can be seen in picture 2. 200mm Pots: $35 180 Pots: $30 140mm P, Download the Gumtree app for iOS or Android. 1370mm Height The perfect indoor plant,

dense glossy tree 11 x 6 mtrs white flowers in spring, deep green glossy leaves, stunning autumn leaves of gold, burgundy, and plum hardy in most situations healthy plants 330m pots 2mtrs plus Birchgrove Nursery is open 7 days 8.30-4 ph ******1042 38 alpine tce tamborine mountain we accept cash, visa or mastercard. We Also Stock: It was grown from a cutting from our mature tree and will fruit sooner than a seedling. ~ Archontophoenix Cunninghamiana ~ Woori Yallock Vic 3139, e: [email protected] Giant Bird of Paradise ~ Strelitzia Nicolai ~ 300mm Pots: $80 Peacock Plant ~ Calathea Makoyana ~ 180mm Pots: $20 Birdsnest Fern 200mm Pots: $20 Cardboard Palm ~ Zamia furfuracea ~ 140mm Pots: $20 Giant Elephant Ear ~ Alocasia macrorrhizo, Giant Elephant Ear ~ Alocasia Macrorrhizos ~, Giant Elephant Ear ~ Alocasia macrorrhizos ~ to retain moisture and help control the radiant heat and weeds.

All of our plants are grown under full sun and are hardened off so they will be keen to grow once planted out. Closed weekends and public holidays. Vibrant colours - definitely makes a statement. 140mm Pots: $15 140mm Pots: $15 Davidson's plum


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