The flow of Damodar depends entirely upon the discharge of water by DVC from its barrages. The status of passport enquiries, pending in the district, can now also be viewed online.

List of Pradhan of Gram Panchayats District : Burdwan Sl No. Purba Bardhaman District Police will always ensure keeping with the promise of 'Good Governance' and 'Citizen-Centric' policing system. Wild pigs are numerous throughout the district and monkeys also abound including the variety known as Hanuman. vide memo. Site best Viewed with 1024 * 768 resolution in Google Chrome 62.0.3202.62 , IE 11.0 & Mozilla Firefox The website is designed & developed by NIC Purba Bardhaman & … This soil is of reddish colour, medium to coarse in texture, acidic in reaction, low in nitrogen, calcium, phosphate and other plant nutrients. The Ajoy- Damodar inter-stream tract is made up of several stows consisting of vales and low convex spurs which run in almost all directions except north-east and thus lends a very complicated character to local relief. ), Aid (Mystus seenghala), Galda (Palaomen spp.


No. Ajoy-barakar divide is a convex plateau, the avarage altitude being 150 m. The gradient is westerly to the west and to the east it is northerly towards Ajay and southerly towards Damodar below the latitude. Poisonous snakes are very common and include several kinds of cobra, the karait and the deadly Russell's viper. and Dumur (Ficus hispida L.). Besides coal ,important minerals found in the district are ,iron ores, calcium carbonate, abrasives, silica bricks and moulding sands, glass sands, building materials, Manganese, Bauxite, laterite etc. Secy., Land & Land Reforms Deptt. Wolves are scarce, and are mostly met with in the jungles north of Kanksa. the forest areas are interspersed with paddy fields. Letter of the Addl. ), Pond weed (potamogeten indicus Roxb. vide memo. Name of Sub-Division Name of Panchayat Samiti Name of Gram Panchayat Name of Pradhan 42 DURGAPUR ANDAL KHANDRA Pukia Majhi 43 DURGAPUR ANDAL UKHRA Sannyasi Ruidas 44 DURGAPUR ANDAL DAKSHIN KHANDA Jaba Das 45 DURGAPUR ANDAL MADANPUR Sujata Bouri 46 DURGAPUR ANDAL KAJORA Namita Mukherjee 47 … Barddhaman district with its varied tectonic elements and riverine features, is a transitional zone between the Jharkhand plateau which constitutes a portion of peninsular shield in the west and Ganga-Brahamaputra alluvial plain in the north and east. List of all Blocks in Barddhaman district of West Bengal state with details of Population, Religion, Literacy and Sex Ratio. List of All BDO Blocks Bardhaman District, BDO Block Offices in Purba Bardhaman District, Block Development Offices in Paschim Bardhaman Contact No, Address

The flora of the district is characterized by the arborescent species such as Simul (Salmalia malabarica Schott. In the hilly areas an occasional python is met with. No. The carnivora of the district comprise leopard, wolf, hyaena, jackal and other smaller species, but hyaenas and leopards are not common. d. Output in terms of grain equivalents per head of population. ), Kurabaka (Barleria Cristata), Gulancha (Tinospora cordifolia), Tulsi (Ocimum sanctum), Solanum torvum SW., S. Verbascifolium L., Trema orientalis Bl., Shiora (Streblus asper Lour.) The Durgapur forests are continued in the Birbhum district beyond the Ajay while the forest area in the Asansol subdivision forms a part of the forest area of Dumka District of Jharkhand. Welcome to the official website of Purba Bardhaman District Police, West Bengal, India Emergency Call - 100 Child Help Line - 1098 Women Help Line - +91 97752 74388 Medical Help Line No. ), Mohua (Madhnea latifolia),Palas (Butea monosperma), Bans (Bambusa arundinacea), Shireesha (Albizzia lebbek), Arka (Calotropis gigantea), Kend Diospyros melanoxylon), Arjun (Terminalia Arjuna) and Ashan (T. tomentosa). Principal catches from the above rivers are as follows :- Rohu (L.rohita), Mrigle (C. mrigala), Katla (Catla catla), Kharke Bata (C. reba), Bhangan Bata (L. bata), Shrimps (Metapeneus spp.)

Telephone Directory; District Land & Land Reforms : Land & Land Reforms setup : Circular of DLR&S, W.B. - +91 97330 73738 Purba Burdwan Police Control Room- +91 90832 69942 Burdwan PS-0342-2664467 Ketugram PS-03453-272224 Aushgram PS-03452-254213 Purbasthali PS-03454-264500 Women PS Burdwan-0342 … In Ausgram P.S. Panchayats in PURBA BURDWAN List of the Panchayats in PURBA BURDWAN District. The Durgapur barrage and Mithon dam have formed two large reservoirs at the south-western and western periphery of the district. These soils are sandy, well drained and slightly acidic in nature. Office; Disaster Management & Action Plan 2015-16 , Burdwan; Blood Group of Burdwan Collectorate Employees; User Document; Contact Us. Site best Viewed with 1024 * 768 resolution in Google Chrome 62.0.3202.62 , IE 11.0 & Mozilla Firefox The website is designed & developed by NIC Purba Bardhaman & … There are many tanks, wells, canals, swamps and bils are found all over the district. Barddhaman is one of the premier districts in India in terms of value of mineral. c. Output per unit of labour applied. • Interview of farmers of some selected blocks in Purba Bardhaman district. June to September is wet summer while October and November is autumn.

In shape the district resembles a hammer. - 0342 2662428, Site best Viewed with 1024 * 768 resolution in Google Chrome 62.0.3202.62 , IE 11.0 & Mozilla Firefox, Member of Parliament Local Area Development Scheme (MPLADS), West Bengal Right to Public Service Act & Rules, National Foundation for Communal Harmony, Disaster Management & Action Plan 2015-16 , Burdwan, Blood Group of Burdwan Collectorate Employees.

People of Burdwan can now report several types of crimes online, which shall directly be forwarded to the concerned senior police officers. Click on the kshetra panchayat / Block Name . The undulating laterite top… This alluvial soil is formed of alluvium brought down by the Ajay, Damodar, Bhagirathi and numerous other rivers. The maximum length from east to west is 208 Km while the maximum breadth from north to south is 112 KM. The uplands of Asansol subdivision and the laterite area of the district are in places covered with Sal (Shorea robusta Gaertn. March to May is dry summer intervened by tropical cyclones and storms. The cold season starts from about the middle of November and continues till the end of February. The Bardhaman Plain occupies the central area of the district, with the Damodaron the south and the south-east. and P. crispus L.), Kesar-dam (Jussiaea repens L.), Kush (Eragrostis cynosuroides), common Jhangi (Utricularia stellaris L.F. and U. flexuosa Vahl. Towards south, the alluvial plain merges with Damodar-kasain-Subarnarekha deltaic plains. Out of these rivers, only the Ganges maintains the flow of water throughout the year. The Raniganj coalfield was the birth place of the Indian coal industry. Methods of calculation of agricultural efficiency (Ei): Agricultural efficiency (Ei) can be measured by four ways (Bhatia, 1967) a. ), Boal (Wallage attu. The district experiences a climate which is transitional between CWg3 and AW1 types, where 'C' stands for 'warm temperate rainy climates with mild winter', 'W' for 'dry winter not compensated for by total rain in the rest of the year', 'g3' for 'eastern Ganges type of temperature trend' and 'AW1' for 'tropical savanna climates'. Tigers were formerly common in the district, especially in the jungles of the Asansol subdivision adjoining the Jharkhand, but have now entirely disappeared. & Bory),Hygrorhiza aristata Nees, Leersia hexandra Sw and Padma (Nelumbium speciosum). Find tehsil map of Barddhman, highlights the name and location of all the blocks in Barddhman district, West Bengal. ), Pianj, Rasun, Rajanigandha (Polyanthes tuberosa Willd. ), Bele (G. gurius), Chela (C. bacaila), Punti (Barbus app. Office Of The District MagistrateCollectorate BuildingBurdwanPin-713101Phone no. Water holding capacity of this soil increases with depth as well as with the increase of clay portions. & Endl.

Purbastahli I dev Block, Purba Bardhaman, Notice i... BURDWAN DEVELOPMENT AUTHORITY,PURBA BURDWAN, Notic... Office of The District Magistrate, MV Section, Pur... Office of the Backward Classes Welfare, Purba Bard... Burdwan Medical Collage And Hospital, Purba Bardha... Office of the Galsi-II Panchayat Samiti, Purba Bar... Bhatar Gram Panchayat , Purba Bardhaman, Notice in... Office of …


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