A day which highlights the invaluable role that soil plays in all our lives and a day on which we should all, each and every one of us, give thanks to the soil for the life it enables us to live. When seedlings are about two inches tall, transplant into individual 10-inch clay pots filled with good quality soil mixed with organic compost/organic manure. and Sen, P. (1999) Pharmacology of Rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis Linn.)

Pecan nuts are reportedly doing well between Rawalpindi and Peshawar and both walnuts and hazel nuts are indigenous in the hills and mountains of the north and north-eastern regions. Vitamin C (V.C): Plasma vitamin C concentrations estimated with a fluorometric assay by Bio-Assay system, USA kit. The effect of different doses of R. officnalis on serum TAG was illustrated in (Table 2). Outdoors, rosemary can tolerate high temperatures and a wide range of humidity. These findings are shown in Table 3. Journal of Environmental Science and Health, 37, 475-484. During my recent visit to islamabad, I visited many gardening resources including Seeds shops and Plant nurseries of Islamabad/Rawalpindi. Hypercholesterolemia or more specifically elevated plasma LDL-cholesterol is an important risk factor for development and progression of atherosclerosis [24] which is accompanied by the production of free radicals which initiate processes involved in atherogenesis [25] .

However, do stick to species that are known to do well in your particular locality otherwise you may simply be buying a disappointment. I want to grow Rosemary for commercial purposes in Kenya, how many seedlings go into an acre and how do I get Oil out of iy, Thanks for that great information. There is still time to sow seeds of vegetables and herbs before winter sets in.

Journal of Food Science, 2, 179-218. To germinate, the seeds should be saved wet and the temperature will have to be stored consistent at 70 levels Fahrenheit. These pests seem to live on houseplants for the winter. The vegetable garden: The following seeds are amongst many that can be sown, throughout the month, in all plains and coastal areas but not in cold northern areas of the country. Aldo thyme and mint and basil, Very informative,much appreciated the additional would be of great help, Am interested in commercial growing of Rosemary. Q. The three fundamentals for successfully growing rosemary are sun, good drainage, and good air circulation.

seems dry, as this creates less seed disturbance than commonplace watering. Rosemary extracts are being used in both modern medicine and traditional healing such as Ayurveda. The reduction in TAG was estimated to be 15% for participants consumed 2 g of the leaves powder daily compared to 21% for those who consumed 5 g. Also it’s important to spot light that the TAG value of ≤150 mg/dL is the normal value in healthy individuals [26] .

Cuttings are the preferred method.


Zheng, W. and Wang, S.Y. pots with a diameter of at least 12 inches. Onions, spring onions, cauliflower, Chinese cabbage, radicchio, bok choy, spinach, turnips, rutabaga, chopsuey greens, chicory and tangy endive with its attractive and frilly leaves. Rosemary boosts memory and improves brain function.

In the drinks industry, rosemary is being highly used in ready to drink teas and other drinks. In the herb garden: Sow blue and white flowered borage — and do look for seeds of borage with eye-catching, variegated leaves — comfrey, parsley, chervil, nasturtiums, calendulas, watercress, lemon balm, all kinds of mint, quick-to-flower lavender species, chamomile, chives, garlic chives, rosemary, sage, thyme, lovage, dill, aniseed, coriander, marjoram and oregano.


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