It’s an ideal first external mic for anyone who wants to improve their smartphone audio. This condenser mic with an omnidirectional pattern which makes it ideal for recording narration and vocals for interviews, podcasts, or similar. It is a developing market as phones and tablets become more sophisticated. Consider the Shure MVL Android Lapel Mic if you want a discrete, portable sound solution. This is an awesome little device – highly recommended! It has a built-in shock mount system to remove some of the vibrations and handling noises. It is a compact little mic, and at 0.64 ounces isn’t going to cause any weight problems when attached to the device. Comica CVM-VS08. ZaxSound is a company based in China that has only been around since 2015. Local music shops & gear makers are open online and ready to ship your dream gear. But as we said, it is a budget mic, and you can’t expect it to perform like one costing much more. It is discreet, and so won’t become the center of attention during a live interview.

You can see it, but its 1.8 oz., weight is barely noticeable when mounted onto a smartphone or other device. The tie clip lets you attach the tiny mic discreetly to any material. The Movo VXR10 Universal Video Microphone is the Editor’s Choice for Best Value Android mic.
It will produce equally great results with either. Required fields are marked *.

The MOTIV MVL is a lavalier microphone that can be slipped directly onto your lapel with the supplied tie clip. 6CH, metal holder, LCD screen, rechargeable receiver battery. Its directional polar pattern picks up audio directly from the subject and cancels out unwanted noise. If we are talking microphones, it won’t take long before we hear the name of Shure. iRig’s Studio mic has a bunch of flexible onboard features. The VideoMic ME has a similar build and layout to the Comica above, but cost around 10 dollars more. Android lags behind iOS when it comes to software app support and compatibility.

ShurePlus MOTIV ™. The metal construction acts as an excellent anti-interference material. Oops, looks like you forgot something. The super-cardioid pattern is much more directional than a Cardioid. Broad device compatibility, crystal clear audio, and ease of use are others. TechMong - All Rights Are Reserved!

It is a nice comfortable size and is well-built with a secure clip for attaching the mic. It has TRRS 3.5mm, and USB connections and no software or extra drivers are needed.

Android users must rely on a third-party app to use the system. If you are seeking professional-level results, they will be worth considering. Weighing just 3.84 ounces, it is going to sit comfortably on your phone. Extras include a foam windscreen, a dead cat wind muff, and an adjustable clamp for your smartphone. Despite that, the audio quality is a huge improvement to all built-in mics. This post will just focus on microphones that don’t need adapters to keep things simple, but I wanted to point out that there are many options to improve your audio quality.

The CVM-VS08 is the ultimate plug and play microphone. With a discreet footprint and a 1/8" (3.5mm) TRRS connector, the MVL works with any mobile phone or tablet equipped with recording capabilities by plugging directly into the headphone jack. It’s an entry-level budget mic that produces better audio than the built-in ones. by Shure. A flexible option that’s a little cheaper is the Saramonic SmartMic. It has an omnidirectional polar pattern. The recording is, therefore, stable. External manufacturers tend to work with both systems. Movo’s VXR10 is a universal directional shotgun microphone for Android smartphones. It has broad compactivity, and that includes computers using the included PC adapter. Copyright © 2020 — Paid Insights, LLC • All rights reservedA Quandary Media property. It will, though, still handle the simple interview easily. The mic wire or cord is incredibly thin.

Interested buyers should contact the seller for a compatibility check if unsure. But it’s disappointing that no AA batteries are included with the product.

You’re not chained to Android smartphones with this mic. It provides good clear sound when used at a sensible volume. The other has two female inputs marked ‘Headphone’ and ‘Microphone.’ That’s all there is to it. For outside use, it has a foam covering to the mic but also utilizes Shure’s RF/GSM system to reduce unwanted noise. Price:

Lastly, the CVM-WS50 is incompatible with the Google Pixel Android smartphone. The iPhone came first in 2007, and the first Android phone came a year later. The system comes with a bright LED screen that displays lots of useful data. 1/8" (3.5 mm) TRRS connector plugs into any mobile phone or tablet with a headset microphone input jack, Sleek, miniature housing for discreet appearance onscreen, Best-in-class in signal-to-noise ratio, headroom and maximum SPL, Proven Shure RF/GSM interference protection blocks errant noise artifacts due to external interference, Quality design and construction, built to Shure technology and durability standards, For interviews, videography and public speech archiving, Compatible with iOS, Android, Mac and PC devices, Includes MVL, windscreen, tie clip, carrying pouch and user guide. Don’t let the word ‘Professional’ fool you in the description as this is not a pro-grade product. Rode’s VideoMic Me is quite a recent addition to the company’s VideoMic family.

COMICA 6CH Pro Smartphone Mic System | Top Pick, 4. The mic’s clamp is fully-adjustable so that it can fit snug to any device, even with a case on. Best External Android Microphones of 2020. In the last few years, the standard has risen dramatically. This compact studio mic also comes with an entire suite of vocal apps. This is an ideal mic for interviews for podcasts or videos. Sound will be gathered along the axis of the mic, and the subject will need to be within about 20cms to receive an optimum recording.

It is supplied with a windscreen and carrying pouch.
Need anymore? But it offers tremendous value for those likely to take full advantage of what the iRig Studio offers. The frequency range is 100hZ to 29kHz, and it has a maximum SPL of 140dB. Subscribe Us and Receive the Vlogging tips & guides via Email. But stunning video is often let down by poor quality sound. Wireless mics can also connect via Bluetooth, but that can be spotty and limiting.

Black Friday Deals Week - Save Up to 96%! It’s a brilliant little mic for first-time users who want to improve their audio. By that, I mean it looks as though it could easily break with a few knocks. There’s also a soft pouch in the box to keep the mic and its accessories together. It’s worth noting that some mics now come with a dedicated TRRS 3.5mm jack.


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