Suffolk County's deputy sheriffs union, after a record impasse, has agreed to a new eight-year, $23.8 million contract that also ends their legal battle over County Executive Steve Bellone's 2012 decision to return highway patrols to the county police. The American Civil Liberties Union of Massachusetts issued a statement in response to the move. As recently as July, hundreds of people protested the organization in Boston, leading to the arrests of 18 demonstrators. To serve and protect the citizens of Suffolk County. In-depth news coverage of the Greater Boston Area. “This is not about ICE, this is not about Trump, this is not about the federal government, this is about saving lives,” he said. Sign-up to our mailing list to receive news, press releases, and updates from the Suffolk County Sheriff's Department. The South Bay facility houses about 1,200 detainees, according to Tompkins. Boston, MA 02114 Executive Office Deputy Sheriff-Sergeant . The new pact includes zero increases for 2011 and 2012, puts off the effective date of 2013 raises until 2014, and defers raises in 2014 and 2015 until retirement, except for comp time and overtime. Legal Services: (617) 635-1100 x3085 Fax: (617) 704-6935, 20 Bradston Street Fax: (617) 704-6998, To visit the Suffolk County Sheriff’s Department Civil Process website, click here:, Suffolk County Sheriff's Department 20 Bradston Street The Suffolk sheriff’s department said Tuesday that it will end its controversial relationship with US Immigration and Customs Enforcement so it can provide rehabilitative services to more women who will soon be housed at a South End jail. Eighteen protesters were arrested. Medical: (617) 704-6683, 180 Crescent Avenue SCCEA - Suffolk County Court Employees Association | Site by: UCOMM. Of that number about 200 are ICE detainees, who are all housed in the same building, he said. Its authority lies in the New York State Constitution, the Civil Practice Law, and Rules, and the Real Property Law of the State of New York. Address: Over the summer, about 1,000 Jewish activists and others marched from the New England Holocaust Memorial to the jail to protest immigrant detention. The daily work of the Civil Process Division is wide–ranging and fast–paced. Suffolk County Sheriff's Department To serve and protect the citizens of Suffolk County. Oren Nimni, a staff attorney for the Boston-based Lawyers for Civil Rights, said the decision “is a really encouraging step forward.”. Instead, the department will pivot its focus to an expanded population of women entering the Suffolk County House of Correction, which it says is the largest growing population of incarcerated subjects in the country. There are 80 to 100 women at the facility now, he said. John Tlumacki/globe staf/file/Globe Staff. Press: (617) 704-6682 “Local law enforcement shouldn’t be in the business of enforcing federal civil immigration law,” he said Tuesday night. “One of the concerns is people might be sent to other detention facilities in states that are far from their families and where they have less support and immigration courts are less likely to grant them relief,” he said. Copyright © 2017 Suffolk County Sheriff's Department. Danny McDonald can be reached at.

The facility this week will start receiving pretrial and sentenced women under a new agreement with Essex, Norfolk, and Plymouth counties, the sheriff’s department said. Carol Rose, the executive director of the ACLU of Massachusetts, said the sheriff’s decision “presents an opportunity for ICE to release needlessly-detained people who want nothing more than to return to their families and to their communities.”. Phone:(617) 635-1000 X2100 Phone: (617) 635-1000. Medical: (617) 635-1000 x209 Boston, MA 02114 His decision was lauded by local civil rights attorneys. to The Pulse newsletter and blast text messaging. OFFICE OF CENTRAL PROCUREMENT 335 Yaphank Ave, Yaphank, NY 11980 Phone: 631-852-5196 Fax: 631-852-5221 Nimni said that where the Suffolk detainees are moved to is “ a little bit of a concern.”. ICE is exploring options that could include moving detainees to other facilities in New England, said the spokesman. Personnel: (617) 704-6525

20 Bradston Street The Suffolk County Sheriff’s Department’s mission is to enforce the laws of the Commonwealth and to serve and protect the citizens of Suffolk County. The Employee Benefits Section administers all benefits for employees as negotiated by the three bargaining units within the Sheriff’s Office: the Suffolk County Association of Municipal Employees, the Suffolk County Correction Officers Association, and the Suffolk County Deputy Sheriffs Police Benevolent Association. Danny McDonald can be reached at [email protected] “To do that, I need space,” he said. Suffolk sheriff’s department ending contract with ICE.


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