The overall form of this piece can be loosely attributed to a ternary ABA form, which splits nicely into sections at the written key change so that A encompasses the beginning to measure 46, B encompasses measures 47–71, and AI encompasses measure 72 to the end.

[7] After all, “Debussy mistrusted [thematic] development as a method of composition.”[8] Fundamentally, the entire piece is made up of two basic motifs, with the first motif existing in three different variations, making 4 fragments in total (not counting the inversions and transpositions of each). Run by a king named Gradlon (or Gralon) who lived in a palace of marble, cedar, and gold, it was rich in commerce and the arts.

For example, some performers use their full body weight to depress keys to create a rich sound. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. The ending measures of a3, 42–46, serve as a transition into the B section of the piece. Throughout all of this motivic repetition, transposition, and inversion, the themes (longer phrases made up of the smaller motifs) stay very much static, with only occasional elongation or shortening throughout the piece: The rising pentatonic theme in measure 1 (theme 1) repeats in measure 3, 5, 14, 15, 16, 17, 84, 85, and with a slight variations in measures 28–40 and 72–83. Each larger section can be further divided into smaller sections and themes, which are arranged to give the piece a roughly symmetrical structure. Genres & Themes |  Sounds, Perfumes of Evening Air in Blue Print. Readalikes |  That is the way it is with impressionistic art – just as many of us remember the feeling we had when we saw our first impressionistic painting, listening to impressionistic music and reading impressionistic literature are experiences that will also stay with you for many years to come. I find the following parallel you are about to read is quite remarkable: Fans of both the Sunken Cathedral and Atlantis keep waiting for either or perhaps both to rise from the depths of the Atlantic. All rights reserved. It was famous throughout the region for its beautiful gardens and buildings.

Impressionist writers also include references to all of the senses. It is characteristic of Debussy in its form, harmony, and content. In this piece, Debussy composes the music using motivic development, rather than thematic development. Consider the significance of the legend as a psychological metaphor. $22. You have merely to listen., Kate Walbert's The Sunken Cathedral is an impressionistic novel. Parallel harmony forces the chords to be understood less with functional roots, and more as coloristic expansions of the melodic line. Accompanying the animation’s magical nighttime Parisian river scene is an excerpt of one of Debussy’s most popular pieces for piano, Clair de lune, or “Moonlight.” Google’s tribute received widespread media attention from The Huffington Post to The Washington Post. Year in Review: 1977. This is music which says, “Enjoy the moment. In this way, we get an overall impression of the characters, including what is in their minds and lives, without the need for exacting realities spelled out in long, chronological, descriptive passages. ", Trezise, Simon. Credit line: Reader Reviews. All Rights Reserved. Monet made the painting below of the Rouen Catherdral.

[2] Accordingly, Debussy uses certain harmonies to allude to the plot of the legend, in the style of musical symbolism. A second theme (theme 2), appearing for the first time in measures 7–13, repeats in measures 47–51.[10]. The contrast between the Zen-like quietness of the circular form of the painting and the more dynamic and vivid energy captured within it exposes a feeling of enclosed tension and contrast.The perfection of form of the circle and the colourful universe within correspond, in my eyes, to the composition of the classical piece, it’s musical architecture, it’s structure and plan as well as it’s repetition, variation of a phrase etc.

At about the same time, this movement also spilled over into the world of music. Clair de Lune is part of Debussy’s four movement Suite Bergamasque, written between 1890 and 1905. After the beginning section, Debussy gently brings the cathedral out of the water by modulating to B major, shaping the melody in a wave-like fashion, and including important narrative instructions in measure 16: Peu à peu sortant de la brume (Emerging from the fog little by little). This gives way to a 4-measure transition (m. 68–71) to the final AI section. [15], DeVoto, Mark. Finally, the cathedral is gone from sight, and only the bells are heard, at a distant pianissimo. Buy This Book, This article relates to The Sunken Cathedral.

The B section features a modulation to C# minor and presents the corresponding melodic material from the A/a1 section. While the majority of this theme is presented in the C major diatonic mode, the addition of a B-flat in m. 33–37 briefly changes the mode to C mixolydian before returning to ionian (major). Unframed: 61 x 61 cm (24 x 24 in.) Most people believe that composers Ravel and Debussy were at its forefront (although some align Debussy more with the symbolist movement of music.) La Mer Painting. Isao Tomita arranged the piece for electronic synthesizer as part of his Snowflakes Are Dancing recording of 1973–1974. Wolfgang Schweizer.

Collin Murphy. A passionate teacher, Mr. Judd has maintained a private violin studio in the Richmond area since 2002 and has been active coaching chamber music and numerous youth orchestra sectionals.

The circle in its form is a symbol of wholeness, harmony and tranquillity.In this perfect frame, this little enclosed universe, the eruption of colourful expressiveness and diversity of texture is shaped into geometrical patterns and order. ", Connie Mayfield, Theory Essentials (Cengage Learning 2012), 483, McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc. Claude Debussy, (1998): Accessed March 17, 2015., Learn how and when to remove this template message, International Music Score Library Project, Les sons et les parfums tournent dans l'air du soir, La terrasse des audiences du clair de lune,édrale_engloutie&oldid=983692055, Music based on European myths and legends, Articles needing additional references from April 2018, All articles needing additional references, Articles with International Music Score Library Project links, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 15 October 2020, at 18:00. The roots of these planing chords follow the key signature but the quality of each chord remains dominant. Reading Guide |  He completed more than 30 paintings of his subject — the Gothic Rouen Cathedral. A town church once nearly submerged by the damming of a river is now hauntingly visible as the water recedes. La cathédral engloutie (The Sunken Cathedral): Debussy effects a striking musical depiction of the mythical submerged cathedral of Ys with "archaicisms" like modality and parallel harmonies. More from This Artist Similar Designs. The thick block chords played with both hands evoke the sound of an organ. These chords bring to mind two things: 1) the Eastern pentatonic scale, which Debussy heard during a performance of Javanese gamelan music at the 1889 Universal Exhibition in Paris,[4] and 2) medieval chant music, similar to the organa in parallel fifths from the Musica enchiriadis, a 9th-century treatise on music. Inexact parallelism can give a sense of tonality, while exact parallelism can dispel the sense of tonality as pitch content cannot be analyzed diatonically in a single key. Gift of Lockwood Thompson in memory of his mother, Mrs. Jeanne Lockwood Thompson 1977.144.

Go to magazine. [11] Third, it shows Debussy's use of parallel harmony (the section beginning in measure 28, especially), which is defined as a coloration of the melodic line. A native of Upstate New York, Timothy Judd has been a member of the Richmond Symphony violin section since 2001. Mar 2016, 224 pages, Book Reviewed by:Davida Chazan Their unique use of color and style, combined with their ability to express their impression of how they saw the world through their art, was a break from the realistic, practically photographic pieces of the Realism period that preceeded and overlapped with Impressionism.


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