ADVAIA provides travel content to travel agencies. Of course, the content relies on people owning headsets in the first place (or viewing it in a context where they’re accessible). More and more consumers simply expect personalized emails from brands they frequent, and that includes the travel and hospitality industry. And indeed, they can! In Diamond Resorts’ world, nothing is perfect just because you’re traveling, but the brand can be trusted to help you along the way. Naturally, it’s becoming even more important for hotel and hospitality brands to stand out from the crowd. To this end, Bonvoy Adventure Travel did a lot of guest columns, building relevant industry links which contributed substantially to their success. If you continue browsing, we assume that you consent to our use of, Instead, the majority of people head online to search and discover travel inspiration (long before they even think about booking). The company’s approach to persuading the visitor to take an action was different. Bonvoy Adventure Travel boosted their on-site traffic, quadrupled their on-site transactions, and increased their conversion rate by 21%. In fact, some travelers are looking to get away quickly. Using long-tail relevant keywords to drive targeted customers to their website was a huge success. Travel, Cruise and Vacations Content for Travel Agencies. Channels other than website to capitalize this on. We have followed some of the strategies suggest by you and we are getting good results for our site, Perfect Blast: Largest Online Shopping Store for kids, baby & woman products.

User generated content is a particularly effective way of doing this, as it helps to bring to life these experiences, showcasing them from the perspective of fellow travellers. I have said this before; no longer are we in the age where booking a tour package meant finalizing a travel destination or a resort on that family friend’s recommendation, walking into the agent’s office, and bam. Initially, email was their only channel for marketing to existing customers. Why?

Travelers aren’t just scouring the web for the most affordable trip; they’re also reading reviews. These videos show interviews with the travelers on the expedition, tour experts leading them on etc. The Canadian hospitality giant Four Seasons is known for its successful content marketing strategy in travel space. , $104.6 billion and 49.2 billion were spent on Hotels and Package Holiday bookings in 2016 (worldwide) alone.

With consumers often spending lots of time finding out this information on hotel websites, the VR videos provide it in a way that’s instantaneous and easier to digest. The project saw great results. As a result of that, the company’s website now generates search traffic consistently.

For example, the woman who wishes her water was wine from Sonoma, or a man who wishes his domestic flight seat was a swing in Bali – both travel photos seen on social media. This is an example of business that had its target niche carved out right from the beginning. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish.

Get actionable ideas to create compelling content that leads to winning customer experiences. Personalization can come in several different forms, including: The best way to help you personalize your campaigns to the needs of your readers is through email list segmentation. Content marketing remains a key way for hotels to do this, typically being used to grab attention and engage users throughout their online journey. The tight deadline should encourage subscribers to act fast. What are your strategies – are you using content? A well thought content strategy is how they were able to grow their organic search by 300% ! And of course, most often TripAdvisor went through a technical SEO audit for the website to discover what is working and what’s not working and then try to fix them. Here is a video of the campaign that went viral.

First, TripAdvisor strived to map their audience persona—in order to determine the type of users they expect to see as registered members and customers. Content.

Its podcasts focus on niche but relevant topics to engage regular visitors to its hotels. You should seek the advice of professionals prior to acting upon any information contained in the Content. And if you use these techniques and put in some work, you’ll see the same results as these travel companies. It’s high time we dig into some stats.


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