Top 10 Discontinued Soda Drinks We Miss (Part 3), Next: Looking at the full meaty option in particular, this burger just sounds like it’s way too much. Although it isn’t on the menu these days, Burger King wisely replaced it with another strong alternative, a Hershey’s Sundae pie. However, if you’re interested, there actually is a restaurant in Brazil called Dog King. Unlike McDonald’s that used a black squid taste for its black bun, Burger King wisely took a different route just changing the bun color and tinting it up with some A.1.

Website for moms seeking advice, community, and entertainment. Was anyone asking for a Whopper with a black bun?

Actually, for a short time in its early days, Burger King did in fact sell have a hot dog on the menu, but they dropped it. That’s right, for just $1.24USD you can add 15-slices of bacon into your burger, so the total for this monstrosity came out to a whopping $86.85. If the Ultimate Breakfast Platter was a culinary home run than you could rationalize the hefty calorie count. There was really no compelling reason to jump into the taco race. via Eater. Steak Sauce.

Even the most enthusiastic foodie has to admit this burger is a bit of a mess and one that makes little sense. The Extra Long Cheeseburger just seems a little lazy and uninspired.

You can get two cheeseburgers, you can get a double cheeseburger so what is the point of an extra long cheeseburger? Once again, Japan has a fascination with creating massive burgers similar to something Godzilla might decide to pound down. The Impossible patty has the same number of calories as the beef burger and 1 more gram of fat. Does Burger King really want its burgers associated with green fungus? Apparently burger chains sometimes forget that customers come to their restaurants for the burgers. Burger King did a good job with this one. However, this hot dog just looks to delicious to pass up. Yes, seven. Burger King promoted the fact that this burger can cause some serious nightmares; "Some Burger King sandwiches are the burgers of their dreams. At $12.99, this pizza-inspired burger comes standard with 4 Whopper patties and can be customized with mozzarella cheese, marinara sauce, pepperoni as well as Tuscan pesto sauce. Take a bite out of this delicious meal and that’ll become quickly evident as the nuggets contain tasty chili cheese on the inside. Burger Shots were available back in 2008, when they were sold in six-packs and two-packs. That email doesn't look right. The Mush 'N' Cheese option is just as peculiar featuring an overload of cheese along with mushrooms from top to bottom. Taco Bell comes to mind as well as places like Del Taco even Jack in the Box. The sandwich itself doesn’t seem like an obvious miss with a beef patty, crispy chicken fillet, bacon, cheese, onions and mayonnaise, but all the attention is on the green bun. Another twist on the Whopper, this time basically converted into a wrap. Yes, Japanese website RocketNews actually purchased the 1,050-slice bacon burger you see above at a Burger King restaurant.

It doesn’t need seven patties to shine, maybe just a couple of different items on the inside can do the trick. One Trainer Ash Never Wants to Battle in Pokemon, You Won’t Believe How This Geek Fries His Computer. Not only is the thick patty quite heavy but stacking beans on top makes it that much more difficult to chow down., KFC. These food colors is what caused Burger King a lot of problems. A fast food chain either has decent food or it doesn’t. Over In Japan, they launched this burger and as you might expect, the reaction wasn’t a positive one. As of 2015, the fast food restaurant had over 15,000 locations worldwide while generating over $4 billion in revenue. In case you thought they were just kidding: “It’s the combination of protein and cheese that leads to vivid dreams, according to Dr Jose Gabriel Medina, a somnologist and the study’s lead doctor…” If you think you need to quote somnologists to market a sandwich maybe you need to put more effort into the sandwich?


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