The dipole on the oxygen atom in water will effectively be 2δ - and will attract the δ + hydrogen atom of another water molecule more strongly. In graphite three of the pairs of electrons are localized to form strong bonds with three other carbon atoms to give a planar layers of hexagonal rings. 4 types of attractive forces in order of increasing strength: dipole-dipole interactions, hydrogen bonding, London (dispersions) forces, ionic bonding, London (dispersions) forces < dipole-dipole interactions < hydrogen bonding < ionic bonding, BCl 3 contains 3 bonding electron pairs around the central boron atom so the shape will be trigonal planar with angles of 120º, POCl3 contains 4 bonding negative charge centres so tetrahedral with angles of approximately 109.5º.

Pentane, C5H12, has 3 structural isomers (compounds with the same molecular formula but a different structural formula). Breaking degeneracy in phosphorus pentachloride.

The average of these bond lengths is 126 pm. State the formula of (a) the nitrate and (b) the chloride of iron with the same oxidation state, Explain why sulfur forms ionic compounds containing the S2- ion. Tin ions have a smaller atomic radius than lead ions but their ionic radii are very similar (Sn 2+ 1.18 x 10^-10 m; Pb 2+ 1.19 x 10^-10 m) Assuming the metal atoms pack the same way one would assume that lead would have a slightly lower melting point.

Describe the structures of both diamond and silicon and suggest why silicon has a lower melting point than diamond, Both diamond and silicon have a giant tetrahedral structure but C-C bonds are stronger than Si-Si bonds so are easier to break, Explain why silicon dioxide has a high melting point (above 1600ºC) whereas carbon dioxide is a gas at room temp and pressure. (a) Malleable means that a substance can be molded or formed into thin sheets by hammering. By gaining two electrons to form the S2- ion it obtains a full outer energy level of electrons with an electron configuration similar to a noble gas (argon). So even though we simplify it by drawing some bonds as double and some bonds as single, each bond length is an average of these two separate lengths.

I've been thinking and I thought that perhaps rather than hybridization, the p/d explanation can account for the Non-hybridized state as the bonding is not degenerate and could help explain why a single bond is longer. The fact that lead has a higher melting point may suggest that the packing arrangement in their crystal structures is different.

How do resonance structures and isomers differ? Each contains one C=O double bond from the carbon atom to different oxygen atoms so that the average bond order for the carbon to oxygen bond is 4/3 and all the carbon to oxygen bonds are the same length and strength.

I understand those being non-hybridized in a hybridized atom).

How can the Bonding in IF7 be explained using LCAO method? Stack Exchange network consists of 176 Q&A communities including Stack Overflow, the largest, most trusted online community for developers to learn, share their knowledge, and build their careers. What are common mistakes students make with resonance? Deduce the increasing order of their boiling points (lowest first). CF4 is tetrahedral and CO2 is linear; in both cases the bond polarities cancel out to give a zero resultant dipole.

Consider for example the nitrite ion, NO₂⁻. The charge on tin and lead ions is the same (+2). Is there a difference between a (wooden) beam and a slat? Nowadays, most of these compounds are explained with multi-centre bonds.

Use sodium chloride as an example to explain what is meant by ionic bonding. This means that there is essentially a double bond at ALL positions at ALL times.

The double bond is shorter than the single bond.

Chlorine is less electronegative than oxygen or fluorine. The alkali metals are all packed the same way and each cation carries a charge of +1.


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